Monday, September 22, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: 19 Weeks!

I'm officially half-way through this pregnancy at 19 weeks! Because I have a high risk pregnancy due to the blood thinning injections I take and the fact that I'm pregnant with two, my doctor will not let me deliver any later than 38 weeks. It's kind of nice to know that there is a date that WILL be the end of this pregnancy (not that I'm ready for it to be over by any means, but it makes it a bit easier to plan). 

The belly is seriously growing every single day at this point. Here I am at 19 weeks:

I feel like my belly has finally surpassed the size it was at this point when I was pregnant with Brenson. I looked back at my 19 week photo from Brenson's pregnancy, and sure enough! The belly is quite a bit rounder and a bit bigger now with the twinbies than it was at this point with him. I didn't begin taking belly photos when I was pregnant with Brianna until I was like 25 weeks.

Brenson on the left, twinbies on the right: 

I gained another two pounds this week, putting my total weight gain at 5 pounds. I've gained two pounds a week for the past two weeks - which I know sounds kind of crazy - but I knew that once the weight gain began it would pile on quickly. My appetite is good, but I am still trying to make good food choices and not eat junk. Sweets do not sound good or settle well with me at all, so that makes it easier to not eat too much garbage. I'm still loving McAlister's (I ate there twice this past week), and I'd say my other "craving" is ice water. Until about the past 3 weeks, I was drinking a ton of water, but I wouldn't put ice in it. Now, I want it as cold as I can get it, and I even eat the ice after I finish drinking the water! It's nice to crave water because I have no problem meeting my daily water goal.

My rings still fit, and I haven't noticed any swelling in my hands or feet except for yesterday. I was on my feet a ton this weekend (we spent the weekend at my parents' house), then I was in the car for three hours last night. My feet we just a bit swollen when we got home. Hopefully, this is an exception and not a trend! 

I don't think I've mentioned sleep in any of my updates, but that's because it has not been an issue at all yet. I'm sleeping very well at night, and praying it stays that way for a while. I do get up at least once (but generally twice) a night to use the bathroom, but I fall right back to sleep quickly. I have a Snoogle pillow that Chris bought me when I was pregnant with B3 and I LOVE it! I think it makes a huge difference in how well I sleep. It's also helpful that I'm not having much hip or back pain at all. 

Some of my non-maternity clothes still fit, but the tops are rapidly becoming too short. With about the last four non-maternity tops I've worn, they've gone in the "retired until after baby" pile of clothing after wearing them. I do have a few pairs of non-maternity pants that I can still wear because they are very low and sit below the belly. 

Movement has increased a lot this past week! I love feeling the babies move, and I can tell that they are much higher in my belly than they had been. I also know this is the case because I have to be really careful with how much I eat at a time (which is kind of crazy that this is an issue this early!). If I eat too much at a time, I am really uncomfortable because my stomach is already kind of smashed. This scares me a bit for the future 19 weeks! 

For the first time this pregnancy, I had someone who didn't know I was pregnant ask me when I am due. That made me happy because it means that I look pregnant and not just chubby! Although I will say, I think it's kind of bold to ask someone when they're due if you don't know for sure they are pregnant! I never, ever ask unless they have shared with me that they are expecting. 

Overall, I had a good week of feeling well and having energy. I'm so thankful for that! I was able to accomplish quite a bit and enjoy time with my kiddos. I'm hoping this phase will last a while :-).


Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Love your bump updates! You look gorgeous. I'm sorry you're high risk but I am hoping you go the full 38 weeks.

Chris said...

I love feeling the babies move also!

cassidy adams said...

You look so beautiful Chelley! Aren't anopheles the

cassidy adams said...


Heather Talladay said...

You look beautiful sweet friend. Pregnancy looks wonderful on you <3

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad your pregnancy is going well! I love your updates!