Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Harvest Delight

Last week, we took one of our annual trips to the Pumpkin Patch. We generally visit three different patches each year, but this year I think we're just going to make it to two. The one we visited last week is called Carmichael Pumpkin Patch, and it's one that Chris and I would visit even before we had kiddos. We've gone every year since Brianna was born!

We always go on a weeknight as it's less busy at this time. We chose a Tuesday night this year, and when we got there, our twin BFFs were there, too! This was completely random, as Kendall and I hadn't even talked about taking our kiddos to the pumpkin patch, let alone what day we were going. It was a fun little surprise! Of course, getting a good photo of all four of them is next to impossible! This was the best we could do :-).

What's one of the best parts about running into someone you know at a place like this? You have someone to take your family photo! I adore this photo that Kendall snapped for us!

Our pumpkin patch photos are some of my favorite every year, so I have a rule that we get good photos first, then we get to play and see the animals, pick pumpkins, etc. This was the first year since Brianna's first trip (at 7 months old) that getting good photos of the kids was seriously so easy. They are both old enough to be cooperative for photos for the most part! I did tell Chris that as easy as it was this year, just think of what it'll be like next year when the twins are here. He said that next year will probably be fairly easy compared to the year after that, ha!

My sweet girl is growing up so fast.

This boy is seriously the most photogenic child.


These were the first four photos we took. Can you believe that?!?

And, I love this one that's a bit more close-up.

For the first time, I even decided to attempt a photo of both of them. This was also the first one I took! 

After photos, we grabbed a wagon. One of Brenson's favorite things to do at the pumpkin patch is to ride in a wagon and to pull a wagon!

It was a beautiful evening! The lighting was perfect, and I'm so glad Chris took these next two photos!

After looking at our photos from this trip, I remembered that Chris took a very similar photo of me with Brianna (while I was pregnant with Brenson) three years ago. Once again, can I just say that I'm carrying this pregnancy so much better than I carried him? Love both of these photos, though!

This year, both kids really enjoyed the little haybale maze that was set up for the littles. Brianna raced through it time and time again. 

Brenson was a bit more cautious, but he also went through it multiple times. At the end of our visit, they even asked to go back to it and run through it again.

At one point, Brianna grabbed Brenson's hand and was practically dragging him through the haybale maze. Poor guy, haha!

They were also fascinated with this scarecrow in an outhouse this year. Sigh. This is so typical, though . . . one photo is great of Bren but Brianna isn't looking . . .

. . . and this photo is great of Brianna but not-so-much of Brenson.

Carmichael's has lots of animals to look at, feed, and ride. That's one of the reasons we love this pumpkin patch! This whole area was full of pigs . . . stinky, nasty pigs. Of course, the kids thought they were great!

Brianna loves to feed the goats and sheep. She's a pro these days!

Brenson didn't really want anything to do with touching or feeding the animals. It's okay, bud, I feel the same way!

Bri took a particular liking to this goat :-).

Even this big sheep didn't intimidate her!

Daddy really wanted Brenson to experience feeding a goat. He was so hilarious about it! Here's a great video!

Love my big girl!

Chris has a video on his phone that he took at the pumpkin patch last year of Brenson pulling Brianna in a wagon. Brenson LOVES to watch it over and over. On the rare occasions that he's allowed to play with Chris's phone (mainly in the car to keep him from falling asleep when we don't want him to), we will hear him playing that video over and over again. So of course, he had to pull her in the wagon again this year. Here's a video.

Soaking up these simple moments with my sweet little man.

Last year, we let Brianna ride a pony for the first time. And of course, the child remembered! Pony rides cost extra - and generally we skip anything like that - but we decided to let her do it again this year. MUCH to our surprise, Brenson also wanted to ride an animal. At first, he said he wanted to ride a camel, but quickly changed his mind when he saw how big they were. I was really reluctant to pay for him to ride anything because I know how he can be about that sort of thing. However, he picked out "Shadow" to ride, and rode him like a champ!

Not only did he ride, but he enjoyed it! Smiles the whole time!

Brianna chose to ride Sugar, and later told us it was because she had purple straps. Of course :-).
We'll probably continue the tradition of allowing the kids to ride. They truly enjoy it so much!

Chris snapped this photo of Bren on my phone, and I love it. It just captures him.

On our way out (after choosing a few pumpkins to buy and take home), the kids decided they wanted a photo with this scarecrow. Okay :-).

Then, Brianna wanted to take a photo of Chris and me. I was shocked to see what a good job she did! There were several other shots she took, but this one was by far the best. Brenson also attempted to use the camera, but I think all of his photos were of the ground :-).

This is truly one of my favorite outings we do every year!!!

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