Monday, October 6, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: 21 Weeks!

Today marks 21 weeks along with our twinbies! It is also the halfway mark for my daily injections if I go the full 38 weeks with this pregnancy. That means that I've done 119 injections, and I have 119 to go. Whew! 

Look how that belly is growing! 

I have felt like the babies have definitely been having a growth spurt this week. I just feel so pregnant all the time, and I can see a noticeable change in the belly almost every day. When I stepped on the scale this morning, my suspicion was confirmed as I gained 3 pounds this week. THREE. That puts my total weight gain at 9 pounds. I do not weigh every day (I stop myself, although I am tempted), but I did weigh this past Thursday. At that time, I hadn't gained anything from last week, so those three pounds have come on in the past four days. Eeeek! Grow babies, grow!

Over the past several weeks, I have been super clumsy. I'm normally pretty clumsy, but it's been way worse than normal. I drop EVERYTHING, and bending over is becoming increasingly more difficult. It's a good thing I have two littles to help me pick things up all the time :-). I also rarely make it through a day without getting food on my clothes. It's ridiculous! Of course, the farther the belly sticks out, the more the food lands right in the middle of my shirts on my belly. Sigh. I am also tripping over things a lot, but thankfully I haven't fallen yet. I remember falling several times while I was pregnant with Brianna, but I don't remember this "symptom" with Brenson.

My hair and nails are still growing at a record pace. I trim down my finger and toenails weekly! My skin has been broken out this week . . . especially on my chin. My skin keeps going back and forth from super clear to broken out, which I think is kind of strange. I'm also struggling with restless legs really badly at night. This is something I've experienced with previous pregnancies, but it's much worse this time than it ever has been. I'm generally okay once I fall asleep, but it has been keeping me from falling to sleep easily some nights.

Chris and I spent another weekend working hard on the house to get it prepared for babies. We have kept the majority of our baby clothes, and we have been gifted a ton of baby clothes from one family in particular. I sorted through all of that (premie to 12 month sizes) and separated it into bins. It was quite the job! Look at this crazy amount of clothing!!!

Chris finished painting the "big kid" and the babies' rooms this past weekend. They both look so different! I will take some pictures of the big kid room soon, but the baby room reveal will have to wait. If I show it to you, it will most definitely give away the babies' genders :-). We have a long way to go before each room is finished, but having all the painting done feels really good!

Both babies are kicking stronger and longer than they had been. Chris feels one of them almost every day! Brianna even felt one for the first time this week, and she LOVED it. She squealed and shrieked and gave me a huge hug, haha! Sometimes Baby B will start kicking and squirming and it will really upset my tummy. However, I am enjoying all the movement!

I pulled Brianna up onto my lap this week, and she said, "Mom, you're running out of room up here." She's exactly right! Bren and Bri can both still sit on my lap for now, but that will end sooner than later. Sometimes after nap, Brenson and I will lay on the couch and snuggle for just a few minutes, and that's also becoming very difficult. It's kind of crazy how big I am already! 

Okay, I think I've just about covered everything for now. We have an appointment on Thursday with Dr. N, so next week's update will contain all the details of that. Yay for another week!


Ashley said...

judging by the clothes, I'm guessing you're having 2 girls?!?!! :)

Janet said...

I see an awful lot of pink stuff in those bins!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm gunna go ahead and guess girl and boy :)