Monday, November 10, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: 26 Weeks!

It's kind of hard for me to believe that I'm already 26 weeks along in this pregnancy! On the other hand, I have some hard days and during those times I can't believe I'm only 26 weeks along. I suspect this is directly related to the fact that I'm pregnant with twins!

The ever-growing baby bump at 26 weeks: 

I realized I was wearing the exact same sweater in my 26 week photo this time that I was wearing in my 26 week photo with Brenson. So, of course, I had to do a comparison collage :-)!

Brenson on the left, twinbies on the right:

This has not been an easy pregnancy week, despite there being lots of good things about this week as well. I'm just already having moments where I am very uncomfortable. I know this is just going to get worse, so I'm trying to mentally gear myself up for that. I also try to not complain about being uncomfortable. This pregnancy is such an answer to prayer, and I'm beyond grateful to be carrying our babies. That fact, however, does not mean it's easy. 

I didn't gain any weight this week, so I'm still at plus 15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm back to feeling like not much sounds good to eat, but I have to eat every few hours or I start to feel bad/exhausted. I really have to watch my portion size (something I know will also just get worse) because I'm just running out of stomach room. 

We had an appointment with Dr. N this past Thursday. I was 25 weeks and 3 days along at the appointment. My blood pressure was 118 over 72, so that is still looking good. It was a quick appointment, but Dr. N was able to get some really good photos of Baby B's face.

It seems like at every appointment, we can only get good face photos of one baby or the other . . . never of both!

Baby B:

Baby B with an arm or a leg by its face:

Another good one of Baby B:

I was very surprised when Dr. N began the ultrasound and discovered that Baby B is now head down. Baby A has always been head down on my right side, while Baby B has always been head up on my left. Well, Baby B has flipped and is now head down as well. Earlier in the week, during the babies' most active time (about 11pm), Chris and I were just watching my belly in amazement as all kinds of crazy movement was going on . . . mostly on my left side. Chris even made the comment that he wondered if the baby was turning. I'm pretty sure that was when the turn was taking place! I just hope this doesn't mean Baby B thinks it's about time to come out!

Dr. N did an informal measurement of my belly and told us that I'm measuring about 34 weeks for a singleton pregnancy. I honestly thought that there is no way I'm measuring that big, until I looked at my 34 week belly pic from when I was pregnant with Brenson. As it turns out, he's probably right :-). All I have to say about that is YIKES.

I did ask Dr. N about beginning a Magnesium supplement. I'm really struggling with achy and restless legs at night, and I had read that Magnesium supplements can help this. He said that it's fine to take them, and to also try getting extra potassium and calcium as well. I have been taking a Magnesium supplement since Thursday, and so far I haven't noticed any difference :-(. 

My achy and restless legs are really inferring with getting good sleep, but I'm also suffering for pregnancy insomnia as well. I will go to bed feeling SO tired, sleep for a few hours, then wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. It is incredibly frustrating! I had several nights this week that I only slept for 4 or 5 hours. That is NOT enough sleep for me to feel like a fully functioning human being! It's truly amazing how much better I feel if I can get 8 hours of sleep. I was able to sleep Saturday night, and I felt so, so much better on Sunday than I had been feeling. Not only was I not as tired, but I was less achy and uncomfortable as well. We are praying that I can have more nights of good sleep in my future!

We are still working on names, although we really think we have settled on first names. This week, we were trying to get Bren to say one of the first names that we think we'll be using. I wanted to see if he could say it and how it sounded coming out of his mouth. In classic Brenson fashion, he was refusing to say the name, and finally said, "That's not a cute name, Mom." Alrighty then, lol! I don't think his opinion is going to have much bearing on whether or not we'll use the name, but it is hilarious to me that he has such an opinion about it!

One really great thing about this week was that I had a baby shower on Saturday. It was an "Essentials Brunch" thrown by my besties, and was truly a blessing to us! It was an intimate gathering for sure, as most of my friends weren't able to make it for one reason or another, but it was still wonderful to celebrate the twinbies that day! And, several of those who couldn't make it did send gifts, so I had plenty to open. Our babies are so loved already!

My Mom and sister were both able to attend the shower, so afterwards we did just a bit of shopping, then some crafting for the nursery. I have a list of craft projects to complete for the nursery and for the big kid room, and we definitely made some headway on that list! It feels really good to have a good start on several of those projects, and hopefully I will find the energy to finish a few of them up in the next few weeks. 

We are praising God for another healthy week of pregnancy!


Heather Talladay said...

You look so beautiful and happy! Your belly is just the perfect size :) I'm sorry you're getting uncomfortable... I hope that you're able to start sleeping better and maybe that will help. I can't wait to hear genders and names!!! :D

Carey said...

You look so so adorable!

~Momma to Twin Girls~ said...

I am so happy for you! You are doing a great job carrying those babies. CONGRATS!!!!