Monday, December 29, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: 33 Weeks!

Today, I am 33 weeks pregnant with the twinbies. I've been quite sick this week, and just yesterday was diagnosed with the flu. 

So, here is what a 33 week twin baby belly looks like on someone who has the flu. Ugh. The ONLY reason I'm even sort of dressed is because I had just gotten back from my visit to Urgent Care and decided that if I was going to get a belly pic this week, that was my opportunity. 

The shirt I'm wearing in the above photo is getting lots of love these days. It's one of my only casual/lounge tops that is long enough to still cover my belly! The shirts my friend gave me are all a bit dressier, so I don't wear them just around the house. I probably wear the shirt above about two times a week, but I'm determined to make my wardrobe work for the remainder of this pregnancy.

I've gained one pound this week for a total weight gain of 23 pounds this pregnancy. However, I weighed myself Saturday morning, so I imagine if I weighed today I wouldn't have gained anything. My appetite has been very poor for the last few days especially.

I have tons of stretch marks from my last two full-term pregnancies, and so far I don't have any new ones. However, the old ones are about stretched to the max and have become very shiny recently. Some days, I wonder if they are going to bust right open or what. Because I was so much bigger with Brenson than I was with Brianna, I did get a crop of new ones with him that were along the top of my belly. I'm interested to see if I'll be getting any new ones this time.

Still no swelling in my feet or hands and my rings still fit! However, the acne on my neck, back, and chest is getting worse. Ick!

I had been feeling pretty crummy for most of the week, but it wasn't until Saturday that I really started to feel terrible. On Monday, I had gone to Walgreens, so I'm pretty sure that's where I picked up the nasty little flu bug. I felt great on Monday, but on Tuesday I woke up just feeling super weak and tired. By the afternoon, I had started coughing. Wednesday, we had our little family Christmas celebration, and I spent most of the afternoon resting. I had already decided that I wouldn't be joining Chris and the kids at my in-laws for Christmas Day this year as I felt like it would just be too much strain on my body. After not feeling well and dealing with a cough, I was even more confident in that decision. My parents came in to town to spend Christmas with me so I wouldn't have to spend it alone, which is wonderful, but I was no fun for sure. My Mom fixed a small (super yummy!) Christmas dinner, and we watched a movie that afternoon. I slept on and off during the movie. That evening, I developed a fever, but it was only about 100.5 degrees so I wasn't too worried about it. On Friday, my Mom and I set out to knock some things off of my "to-do before babies come" list. We were successful, but I'm pretty sure I overdid it. I felt worse Friday night than I did on Thursday night, and on Saturday morning was feeling pretty much terrible. I really didn't think I had anything more than a cold though, until Saturday night/Sunday morning. I was feeling HORRIBLE by that point. Chris called Dr. N who sent us to Urgent Care to rule out pneumonia or the flu. Unfortunately, the flu was the verdict :(.

Waiting to be seen at Urgent Care . . .

The Urgent Care doctor got on my case pretty hardcore when I told him I hadn't had the flu shot this year. He said, "Do you know why we want pregnant women to get their flu shot? Because once you have the flu, there's no meds I can give you to help you out." Do I wish I would have gotten the flu shot at this point? Yes, but there's nothing I can do about that now. And besides, that doesn't guarantee that I still wouldn't be sitting here with the flu anyway.

Dr. N is also pretty unhappy about the situation as he's also hardcore about the flu shot. I had an appointment scheduled with him tomorrow, but he postponed it a week to make sure I am better by then. I am feeling the babies move as much as they have been, and I'm not having any sort of weird pregnancy symptoms. Hopefully that means that everything is ok with the babies. Obviously, they are our primary concern right now.

Ever since I started to feel sick on Tuesday, I've continued to load up on my vitamins, drink tons of water, eat well when I can, drink Boost, V8, etc and get plenty of rest. I've had a fever a few times, but it's never been above 100.5, so that's a blessing for sure. I have felt nauseated, but haven't thrown up at all. I feel like I'm doing everything I can to help my body out, so we're just praying that this passes soon. My cough has been pretty bad, resulting in a very, very sore abdomen, and I've also had the worst sore throat I think I've ever had in my life. My go-to remedy for a sore throat is gargling with salt water, so I've been doing that 3 to 4 times a day. I also have no voice at all . . . as in can't speak above a whisper. Chris is probably happy for the break :-).

Thankfully, Chris had already taken this week off of work, so he's on kid duty for now. This situation is certainly not ideal, but we're making it work. We are thankful to be celebrating another successful week of pregnancy . . . even if I'm completely miserable :-)!


JoJo said...

Aww I hope u feel better. U are right, getting the flu shot does not guarantee u won't the flu.

Богдан Колос said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Chris, Michelle, the Little Lady and the Bouncin' Boy!

May our Lord and Father bless first and foremost with good health and all the sthrength necessary for delivering these babies!

I'm sure there's plenty of Love from all of you guys to surround them when they arrive! )))

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