Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Shower for the Twinbies

Back at the beginning of November, three of my besties threw a shower for me and the twinbies. It was such a special morning that I wanted to post about immediately, but I knew if I did then it would give away the gender of the babies. Since I wasn't ready to do that yet, I decided to hold off on posting these photos until after the twinbies were born. 

When my friend, Kendall, first mentioned to me that she, Amy, and Angie wanted to throw me a baby shower, I immediately became emotional about it. Since these are not our first babies, I just didn't expect any type of shower to take place. It warmed my heart that they wanted to set aside a special morning just to celebrate the babies.

When I got the invitation in the mail, I LOVED it. In fact, I framed one to hang in the babies' nursery I like it so much!

We set the date pretty early (the ONLY date that worked for all of us), but I knew that several of my closest friends would not be able to attend. One friend was on a cruise they had planned for months, another friend was on her honeymoon, another was on vacation, etc. I warned my hostesses that the crowd would likely be very intimate, and it was! However, several friends and family that were not able to make it to the shower did send gifts. That meant that I had plenty to open!

I explained to Brianna what a baby shower was and told her that she would be able to come with me. She was SO excited! She couldn't wait to eat dainty food and open gifts and just celebrate her sisters. I wasn't worried at all about her behavior, but she was seriously so cute and well-behaved this day. She was just acting very grown up and was my official helper. Here we are with Kendall, Amy, and Angie . . . the hostesses.

Love my little helper!

My mom was able to be there as well as my sister. My sister's daughter had her last soccer game of the season this morning, so she couldn't make it. I was so happy that my sister came though (she was the assistant coach for her daughter's team, so I didn't know if she would be able to miss the final game).

My mother-in-law was able to attend, and she brought my niece, Abby. Brianna kept going from the table where my Mom and sister were sitting to the table where my MIL and niece were sitting. She was delighted to have them all there!

Big sister was digging into the gifts!

She was also helping me read the cards :-).

My aunt who lives in Kansas sent these precious frames and memory boxes. They are in the girls' nursery, as well.

My Mom made all kinds of cute burp cloths, receiving blankets, hooded towels, etc. I'll do a separate post showcasing many of the special and handmade gifts the twinbies have received.

Isn't this bug she sewed on the hooded towels so cute?!?

In addition to several special gifts, we also received a lot of "necessity" type items. This was an "essentials" shower, so the invitation asked people to give gifts like diapers, wipes, bath supplies, etc. In the background of several of these photos, you can see the laundry detergent we received, as well. Between the gift cards we received, the diapers from the shower, and the diapers that were sent or given to us later by those who couldn't make it, we ended up with three to four months worth of diapers . . . for TWINS. That is a LOAD of diapers!

My sweet girl not only helped open the gifts, but she also laid them all out on a table for everyone to see, then bagged them up and helped carry them to the car when the shower was over. It was wonderful to be able to share this experience with her. Of course, she just had to put one of the bows from a gift on her head as a headband :-).

Even though the crowd was small, it was a beautiful morning spent celebrating our baby girls. I am beyond thankful for the generosity of our family and friends, and for the effort that was put into making this event special for us.

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Heather said...

What a beautiful baby shower for the twins. Those invitations are so beautiful!