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Brooke & Brecklyn are One Month Old!

So . . . this is pretty much unbelievable to me, but today the twinbies are one month old!

Brooke at 5 days old: 

Brooke at one month old:

Brecklyn at 5 days old:

Brecklyn at one month old:

They are seriously growing so fast! It makes my heart hurt, but at the same time I'm thrilled that they are healthy and growing.

This will probably be a constant battle for me, but I debated and debated with myself regarding whether I wanted to do one post for both Brooke and Brecklyn, or if I wanted to do two separate posts. I finally decided to just do one post each month, even though they are two individuals with very different and distinct personalities. For convenience and time's sake, one post is just the better option for me for now.

Both girls are currently wearing size newborn diapers and size newborn clothing. However, Brooke is bigger than Brecklyn and is quickly outgrowing the newborn clothes. There was a 6 ounce difference in their weight at birth (Brooke weighed 6lbs 11oz, Brecklyn weighed 6lbs 5oz). When we left the hospital, they had lost down to 6lbs 3oz and 5lbs 13oz. I do nurse them both, but I've had some supply issues from day one. This has never been a problem for me in the past (in fact, I've always had too much), but keeping up with two babies has proven to be a different story. I wrote previously about how they were given a small formula supplement in the hospital. Since then, we have continued to give them a 2 ounce formula supplement about every other day. I do pump some (mainly to help stimulate more production), so sometimes their supplement is breastmilk instead of formula.
Brecklyn, Momma, & Brooke (3 weeks old):

Because of my supply issues, I was a little nervous for their first pediatrician appointment when they were 6 days old. However, Brooke weighed 6lbs 6oz and Brecklyn weighed 5lbs 15oz. Dr. F was happy with this and said to keep doing what we're doing!

We went back to see Dr. F when the babies were 16 days old. At this time, Brooke weighed 7lbs 8oz, and Brecklyn weighed 7lbs 2oz. They had both gained over a pound! Yay for growing babies!



I tandem nurse them holding the baby on the right side in the football hold and the baby on the left side in the cradle hold. We've tried it different ways, and that just works best for us. I switch who eats on which side at every feeding. They will often touch each other while nursing . . . so sweet!

Right now, they eat every three hours (except sometimes at night they will go closer to four hours). During the first couple of weeks, it took them about 45 minutes to an hour to eat. Now, they are much more efficient and will eat in about 30 minutes. They generally eat for 15-20 minutes, burp, then eat again for about 10 minutes. Brooke likes the paci and will be soothed by it, but Brecklyn has no use for it.

Brooke is a fast and furious eater. She makes the sweetest little noise while she eats (almost like an "mmm" after each swallow). She often chokes because she's eating so fast, and she is very messy. Her face is always covered with milk when she's finished! Because she eats so fast, she also spits up more.
Brooke's messy milk face (11 days old):

(15 days old):

Brecklyn is a more efficient eater. She doesn't let anything go to waste by allowing it to drip down her face. She's very quiet and steady when she eats, and will sometimes "comfort nurse" if I let her. She rarely chokes and often takes longer to eat a full meal. She also rarely spits up.

Brecklyn (16 days old):

Since they've taken about one bottle a day from the beginning of their lives, they are champs at drinking from the bottle. 

Daddy giving Brooke and Brecklyn their bottles (15 days old):



The big kids LOVE to help us give bottles and burp the girlies. In fact, they are always disappointed when I nurse the babies instead of do bottles.

Brianna feeding Brecklyn

Brenson feeding Brecklyn

Brenson burping Brooke

Brianna just really loves to hold them. I think she would sit and hold a baby most of the day if I would let her! I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful sister bond between the three of them. Brenson does like to hold them some, but he's done after about 2 minutes. 

Brianna with Brooke (3 weeks old):

Brenson with Brecklyn (17 days old):

Brianna with Brooke (17 days old):

Even Chloe Jo gets in on the baby holding!

CJ with Brecklyn, Brianna with Brooke (17 days old):

We put the babies to bed at 8:00pm each night. Like I said above, they will wake every 3 to 4 hours to eat, but they are great to go right back down after eating during the night. During the day, we do the "eat, wake, sleep" cycle, and it works well for us. I'm very happy with their sleeping/napping habits right now.
Brecklyn and Brooke (3 weeks old):

 Brecklyn and Brooke (3 weeks old):

They sleep swaddled up and in a pack-n-play in our bedroom at night. For naps, we have them sleep in various places around the house (I find that this helps them learn to sleep in a variety of environments which is beneficial if they have to nap when we're not at home).

Brooke, Brecklyn

Yawning is the biggest sleep cue for both of them. As soon as we see them yawn, we swaddle them and put them down. We're still working on self-soothing, so for now we often rock or hold them to sleep. 

Brecklyn's cord stump fell off when she was only 6 days old! I was really surprised at this. It didn't look very good to me at first, but it looks good now. Of course, after she lost her cord stump, she could have a real bath (which she doesn't love, but doesn't hate).

Brecklyn getting a bath (8 days old):

Brooke lost her cord just a few days later at 8 days old. 

Brooke's hair is very curly and wild after her bath. It reminds me so much of Brianna's hair as a baby. Really, Brooke's overall look reminds me a lot of Brianna!

When the babies were 2 weeks old, we took them to our chiropractor to get adjusted. It was really important for us to get Brecklyn's hips and back checked out after what she went through during birth. Both babies didn't mind being adjusted, and Brecklyn even slept through her adjustment. Brooke adjusted well and will go in once a month for maintenance unless a problem arises. Brecklyn's right hip was very tight (our chiropractor even let me feel this for myself and there was a marked difference between her right hip and left hip), so I took her back one week later for a second adjustment. Already, she's doing better, but we'll go back again in about a week. 



We've had very few outings, but we did take the babies for their inaugural visit to our favorite Mexican restaurant in town. They were 3 weeks old. It wasn't perfect (they both decided to fuss a bit), but it was worth it!

We have been doing tummy time during the past couple weeks. Brecklyn holds her head up well for her age (and has since she was born), but hates tummy time. She will cry and cry while we do it. 

Precious Brecklyn with her dark blue eyes and touch of honey-colored hair:

Brooke doesn't hold her head up as well, but is a rock star during tummy time and will practice holding her head up for 5 minutes or more. 

Sweet Brooke with her dark blue eyes and head full of honey-colored hair:

Neither one of the girls are smiling much yet. We do see some smiles while they sleep, but nothing really in response to us. Brooke has dimples in her cheeks when she smiles, but Brecklyn does not. I don't think they really look alike much at all. We've taken them to church several times, and a few people have asked us how we tell them apart. In my head, I answer "We look at them!" Ha! 

Brecklyn, Brooke

Haha . . . their expressions make me laugh!

See? They really don't look alike at all to me!

A few more things: Brecklyn loves to be held and seems to be a Momma's girl, although Daddy can often calm her down quickly, as well. Both babies like the swing, but Brooke will stay content in it longer. They also both like the rock-n-play, but neither one of them really like the bouncy seat (we have two and they don't seem to care for either one). Brooke has a long, pointy tongue that she loves to stick out all the time. She will always "taste test" me or her bottle by licking it before latching on. One day, I saw her wake up and lick her sister in the pack-n-play. It makes us laugh! Brecklyn will study our faces for several minutes at a time. Brooke loves to look in the mirror when we change her diaper. They both like it when we sing to them. 

Brecklyn, Brooke

Happy one month birthday, little loves! You bring so much joy to our lives. 

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Brittnee said...

I breastfed my twins for 22 months and i wanted to share something that worked for me. My boys were born 2.5 months early so i had a hard time with supply. I started taking Goats Rue and More milk plus and my milk supply went wayyyy up. I wouldn't have been able to EBF without those two things. Good luck and they are adorable!