Sunday, May 31, 2015

Family Visit in the Park

Back at the beginning of April, my Uncle Jim (my Dad's brother) contacted me via Facebook to discuss planning a visit from him and my Grandpa. We rarely see them, so it was a nice surprise! The last time I had seen my Grandpa was very briefly at my Pappy's visitation . . . over a year and a half ago! It took us a while to find a weekend where everyone was free, but we finally planned for them to visit on the last Saturday in May (May 30). 

They invited my Aunt Sandy (my Dad's sister) to come along as well, and also requested that my sister, Lisa, and her family be there. We decided to meet at our city lake for a picnic . . . this would give the children plenty of room to run and play, and we wouldn't have to worry about anyone hosting. What we didn't count on was that the weather would be very chilly and wet that day! This was right in the middle of days and days of rain and flooding in our area, so although there wasn't rain this particular day, the ground was very soggy and muddy. 

My sister, Lisa, my Grandpa, and me

My Uncle Jim is retired now, so he's having fun travelling and spending time with his grandkids. I am so grateful that he planned this visit and drove my Grandpa and Aunt down to see us. This was their first time to meet the twins (and maybe Brenson for part of them?).

Uncle Jim and Brooke

Brecklyn was a bit on the cranky side this day. She just doesn't like to be passed around and wasn't sure about the new people.

Despite the cool weather (and wind!), we had a nice picnic. Miss Brooke didn't mind the cool temps!

My Grandpa is 87 years young, and has quite a few great-grandchildren. The twins are his youngest, and he was cute with them. He said, "I never thought I'd have twin great-granddaughters. Not in my wildest dreams!" Ha.

Right after we took this photo, he said, "Take this baby! I can't keep hold of her!" Yep, Brooke is a wiggle worm, and sometimes hard to manage at the same time as her sister.

Grandpa with five of his great-grandchildren

I'm not sure why Bren was being so stingy with his smiles, but I'm glad we have this photo anyway.

My Grandpa's name is Charles (he goes by Charlie), and my Dad is Charles Jr (he goes by Chuck). One of Brenson's middle names is Charles after my Dad, so I wanted to get a photo of him with the original Charles in our family. I think Grandpa enjoyed being around Brenson for a bit. This was the first time that they've spent any kind of time together, though Grandpa had met him once before. 

Uncle Jim was a pro with the babies. As you can see, Brecklyn wasn't too thrilled, but that was kind of her theme for the day. 

My Aunt Sandy is my Dad's older sister, and she has five granddaughters of her own. 

Aunt Sandy has a very nice camera and took a few photos of the kids for us. Brianna was happy to pose, but Brenson was too busy playing to stop for photos. 

While the children played (and mine got completely wet and muddy), the rest of us visited. I thought if I could keep sweet Brecklyn warmer, she would be happier. It didn't help :-).

Brooke and Uncle Jim

Sweet baby face.

The big kids had fun exploring, but it only took about 10 minutes for Brianna to slip and fall in the mud. You can see her muddy shorts in this photo. Chris and I anticipated this happening, so we brought a change of clothes for our kids (because we didn't want to get their car seats dirty). We were glad we did as they both needed them!

Bren is drawn to water like a moth to a flame. Every time.

My Uncle, Aunt, and Grandpa stayed and visited for about three hours before heading back to Kansas (home). We had a good time chatting and catching up with each other. I'm so glad they came and know I will treasure these photos!

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