Friday, November 27, 2015

Up To Our Elbows in Pumpkin Goop

We purchased our pumpkins at the beginning of October this year, and I thought we'd have plenty of time to get them carved before Halloween. However, time - as it often does - got away from us, and we found ourselves in the last week of October without any carving accomplished. We made a plan to carve pumpkins on Friday, October 30th, but ended up with sick kiddos instead. The Hubs and I had pretty much decided that we'd skip our tradition of carving pumpkins this year - and as much as I hated the thought of that - I was a bit relieved. Then, the Bigs asked and kept asking when we were going to carve those pumpkins we'd bought. So, Chris and I changed our minds and decided that we'd go ahead and do it as soon as everyone was well, even though it was after Halloween. Who cares about the date anyway? 

So, just a few days after Halloween, we brought a few of our pumpkins inside and cut into those puppies! 

I don't personally enjoy carving pumpkins much (at all), but Chris and the kids really like it. I'm happy to be the photographer and keep my hands out of the pumpkin goop!

Each of the kiddos took turns helping Daddy cut open the pumpkin.

I love the look on Brianna's face in this photo. She loves anything messy!


Bren was a little reluctant to stick his hand in the pumpkin, but once he dug in there was no stopping him!

Brooke surprised us when she would not put her hand in the goop. She even whimpered a bit when Chris tried to force her hand in the pumpkin. 

Ready or not . . . you're going in!

Brecklyn - who is generally cautious - was very curious about this activity and stuck her hand right in! The babies were full of surprises this night. 

Ummmm, Daddy? WHY does the baby have a sharp tool?!?

As the Big kids dug the goop out of the pumpkin, we had them separate the seeds into a bowl. I was thrilled that I didn't have to do it!

And, again . . . 

I specifically chose this large pumpkin at the pumpkin patch with photos of the babies sitting in it in mind, and I adore the photos we got of them! However, Miss Brecklyn was less than impressed when we put her in this pumpkin to make sure it was cut properly. Bahahaha!

After sitting in pumpkin goo, a bath was in order :-). Based upon Brooke's reaction to sticking her hand in the pumpkin, we didn't even try to put her whole body in it this night.

Who has goopy hands?!?

Aside from cutting our big pumpkin to put the babeis in, we also decided to carve one small pumpkin with a design. The Bigs chose a cat and helped Daddy accomplish it fairly quickly. We were all happy with how it turned out.

While Daddy was cleaning up the mess from the pumpkin carving, Brianna helped me wash the pumpkin seeds so we could roast them. Eating roasted pumpkin seeds is one of our favorite things to do in the Autumn!

Bren also wanted to help wash the seeds.

After carefully washing the seeds, we laid them out on a cookie tray and sprayed them with olive oil.

We added a bit of salt,

and put them in the oven for baking. The whole house smelled of roasting seeds, and we certainly enjoyed eating them for the next week.

Even though we were "late" with our tradition, we were all happy that we decided to go ahead and do it anyway! Precious memories!

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Cheryl said...

Y'all's pumpkin carving looks so fun! I have to admit though, that when my kids were small, we never did carve pumpkins. I regret it and would sure do it now if given the chance for them to be small again! Your pictures are great and those babies expressions just kill me! haha So adorable!