Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, Everyone! I have a few minutes and some photos to share, so I thought an update post was in order. 

Does anyone else feel like January is a breath of fresh air after the holidays? December just seems to get so busy - and our routine tends to go out the window - so when January comes, things slow down a bit, and we get back into our schedule it's always a welcome change! 

This has been a pretty unusual winter for us weather-wise. We haven't had too many cold days (although it's very cold for us right now), and we've had an usually large amount of rain. I think we've only had one little bought of ice/sleet so far this year and no snow to speak of. A week ago Saturday we did have have some snow, but there was very little accumulation and it all melted in just a few hours. My big kids LOVE snow though (and they come by it honest . . . I love it, too!), so they couldn't resist going outside to enjoy the snow while it lasted. 

It wasn't very cold while it was snowing (as you can see by how Brianna and Brenson are dressed) which made it nice for them.

Trying to catch the snowflakes :-).

I believe Brianna is trying to catch the snowflakes in her mouth in this photo. She's always so intense about things!

Haha . . . who doesn't love catching snowflakes on their tongue?!?

As much as I've loved the slower time that has been this month so far, things will soon pick up around here. The babies have their first birthday in about 2 weeks, Brenson turns 4 in about 3 weeks, and Brianna turns 6 one month from today. Whew! I'm looking forward to some special celebrations and fun, for sure!

Brenson, Brecklyn, Brooke, and Brianna

I've had several little projects going lately in an attempt to catch up on some organization that I've let go over the past year or so. One project has been organizing about 500 photos and videos that Chris dumped off his phone onto my computer. It's been a BIG job, but I finished it the other night. Some of the photos were from 2010, so while I was organizing them, I saw many photos that I haven't seen in several years. I came across this one and it made me laugh! This is baby Brianna (about 10 months old) and her cousin, Chloe Jo (about 21 months old). A baby on each hip that could almost pass for Brooke and Brecklyn . . . foreshadowing, anyone? Haha.

On Saturday, we went to an RSU basketball game which really brought back some great memories for me. When I was employed at RSU, I became a serious basketball fan, and Chris and I rarely missed a home game. Even when Brianna was a baby, we went to most of the home games. However, as time went on and as we added children to our family, our priorities changed. The last time we watched the Hillcats play was back in 2013, and Bren had a really hard time with the noise. He spent most of the game crying, so we haven't tried it again. Anyway, we decided to go on Saturday and everyone really enjoyed it!

The four Bs . . . ready to cheer the Hillcats to victory!

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the babies did. We went to last few minutes of the women's game and stayed for the entire men's game. This was right in the middle of nap time, but the babies barely fussed. 

Momma and Brooke

Brecklyn and Daddy

Bren was nervous about the noise, so we packed headphones for him to wear. He was content as long as he had them on!

Brianna has always loved Hunter the Hillcat. I have several photos of her with him . . . even one of him holding her as a baby. She was happy to see her old friend :-).

Brianna is out of school today for MLK day, so she and Brenson had a sleepover at their cousin's house. It's strange to not have them here, and it's funny to me how perspective changes. Having just the twins at home this morning has been a nice little break, haha. Who would have thought? :-)

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