Monday, March 28, 2016

Coloring Easter Eggs 2016

When my sister and her family moved to the area four years ago, we started getting all the kiddos together to color Easter eggs. Of course, back then we only had three kids between us, so it was a leeeeetle different than it is now. Lisa and I both loved coloring eggs growing up, so this is definitely one of our favorite activities. The kids seem to enjoy it, too *grin*. 

We typically plan our egg coloring adventure during Spring Break, and that works out really well. This year (March 16th), Lisa offered to host it at her house, and we also invited Tia and Sadie to join us. 

Chloe Jo and Lisa - the hostesses!

Tia and Sadie

The "big" kids are pros at egg coloring, which was great this year since we also had three littles that still needed lots of help. 

This photo is so typical of me . . . always with a baby on my hip (and I LOVE it! :-). 

Bren's face in this photo is too funny. He wanted to do everything by himself, but he wasn't super confident. He did great, though!

Brianna always jumps right in and has a ball. I love her enthusiasm for life!

It's hard to believe how big these girls are getting! Chloe Jo will turn SEVEN years old very soon. Sigh. 

Sadie (2 1/2) really, really wanted to do everything by herself, but she was just a bit young yet. She was pretty fascinated with the process.

Such a sweetie!

The twins were still tiny when we were did this activity last year, so this was all new for them. They were very curious about what was happening, but not eager to join in. Brooke, especially, likes to take time to observe everything.


That face, haha! She just wasn't sure about all this!

Brooke didn't last long in her high chair, but holding her gave me a chance to show them both what we were doing at the same time. Brecklyn was very curious about it all, as well. 

Brecklyn, me, Brooke

Next year, I imagine they will be MUCH more excited about this activity. They had better be . . . I mean, it IS my favorite :-)!

Brooke, me, and Sadie

For having so many littles, this activity went as smooth as possible. We all had a great time, and just look at those pretty eggs :-)! 

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