Friday, May 27, 2016

Graduating Kindergarten

Our family passed another big milestone when Brianna finished her very first year of school and graduated Kindergarten at the end of May. As you know, this was our first experience with school of any kind, and we are so thankful that it was a good one! 

Brianna's last day of school was on May 24th, but the school hosted a little Kindergarten program and graduation on May 13th. The Kindergarten program was in the afternoon, but that same day Brianna was recognized during the "Rise and Shine" all-school morning assembly for reaching a running goal. She had spent many of her recesses running laps and earning feet charms on a necklace. The students earn one foot for every 50 laps (5 miles) and then a medal for every 25 miles. There aren't too many younger kids that earn medals, but Brianna reached her goal of running 25 miles and earning that medal! The medal was a big motivator for her. 

Mrs. S, the principal, giving Brianna her medal.

There were four children recognized for meeting running goals this day. 

Brianna was SO PROUD of her medal! 

There were several times throughout the year that Brianna had become discouraged about earning a medal, but we were proud of her for sticking to her goal and getting it done!

Later that afternoon, we went back up to the school to watch Brianna's kindergarten program and graduation. She is in the middle of the middle row with the teal bow.

I definitely became teary-eyed watching her perform. 

This year has been a great experience for all of us, and it was so hard to believe it was coming to a close. Watching my children grow is such a bittersweet experience.

Throughout the entire program, Bren was having a hard time. It was right in the middle of nap time, but he was also kind of abandoned in the seats we were sitting in. We were sitting toward the back, so Chris took the camera and went up closer to get a few pictures. About that same time, the twins started to get fussy, so I took them to stand at the back to quiet them. Sidenote - a sweet lady saw me standing at the back holding both girls, so she came back and offered to hold one of them for me. I gave her Brooke, and she shared with me that she also has twin girls who are teenagers. I was thankful for the help! Anyhow, so this left Bren sitting by himself and he was NOT happy about it (I had offered to let him come stand with me, but he wanted none of that, either). Poor middle child :-(.

After performing, all of the kindergarteners sat down at the front of the gym while their teachers called their names one by one. Brianna's class was the last one called, so she had to wait a while.

Her teacher, Mrs. D, called her name. She received a little certificate and a medal for completing Kindergarten!

Two medals in one day :-)!

Then, all the families were invited to accompany their child back to the classroom for cookies. It was SUPER crowded, so we hung back until some families left. Mrs. D had also made each student a little scrapbook of their year. I couldn't even look at it right then as it made me too emotional. 

Mrs. D and Brianna

Brianna and her friend, Jasmin

I can't believe my baby girl has finished Kindergarten!

Brianna's last day of school wasn't until a few weeks later. At this point, I was over being emotional and just ready to have her home for the summer!

Bren especially has really missed his sister while she's been at school. 

Brooke says, "Yay for Brianna being home for the summer!"

Brecklyn says, "I'm ready for some summer fun with sister home!"

And finally, I just had to put her first day and last day of Kindergarten photos side-by-side. Just look at how much she's grown up! 

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