Monday, December 5, 2016

My Darlings

This past Wednesday, I was soooooooo tired. Some days I just hit a wall and am just exhausted from the constant motion and noise and long list of things to do. Accomplishing anything with two one year olds under foot is difficult at best and it just gets wearisome. 

Some how, I feel like the girls knew how exhausted Momma was, so they stepped up their cuteness game and were just being dolls. I mean, they are always dolls, but they kept giving me the sweetest smiles and even gave me a break from being so busy busy busy. Their sweet grins just kept coming, and suddenly I didn't feel so tired anymore. Maybe it was adrenaline (haha), or maybe it was remembering that these moments pass all too quickly, so I need to soak them up while I can. 

My darling Brooke

My darling Brecklyn

The smiles just melt me (Brecklyn).

This grin lights up my world (Brooke). 

The days are often long and difficult and full of trying moments, but God has truly poured His blessings on us. And I adore these little girlies <3 .="" nbsp="" p="">

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