Monday, October 24, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Comparison Pics

Photos are something I truly treasure in my life. I sometimes have to remind myself to put my camera down and just enjoy the moment because I tend to get caught up trying to capture the perfect photo. I just really love looking back at photos and reminiscing, and I especially love putting together similar photos into "through the years" type collages.

Each year when we visit the pumpkin patch, I tell the children that Mommy wants to get a few good photos first, and we'll explore and play second. They are generally very cooperative (as they know Mommy is serious about her photos), and I adore the photos we get each year when we go. This year, I had too much fun making a "through the years at the pumpkin patch" collage for each child. Just look at how my sweet babies have grown and changed!





I also did a collage of our family pictures at the pumpkin patch. The first photo is from 2006 . . . so ten years ago! As one friend pointed out, our family has grown so much that we now cover up the pumpkins! 

God has been so faithful to us and to our dreams for our family! Thank you, Lord, for your beautiful blessings!

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