Friday, January 20, 2017

Ringing in the New Year!

I mentioned in my final Christmas post how Brooke and Brecklyn both ended up being diagnosed with pneumonia just a few days after Christmas. That made the week between Christmas and New Years a pretty rough time in our house! The girls were so cranky, they weren't sleeping, and we were stuck at home (Daddy worked two days during that week). It was disappointing for everyone, and I'll admit that I was starting to go a little stir crazy. It's amazing the effect that lack of sleep can mentally take on someone! 

To celebrate New Year's Eve, we generally attend a small get together with a few friends. This year, however, the girls still weren't 100%, and they certainly didn't need to be out late or in a crowd. The weather was really beautiful on December 31st, so we were able to spend a few hours outside. It was so good for everyone to be out of the house! That evening, I cooked an easy dinner along with a few special treats (cheese dip, coke to drink, and cupcakes), and we just spent the evening hanging out at home. We haven't had a working television in our house in about four months (since before we moved!), so we couldn't even watch Mariah Carey's horrible performance OR the ball drop in Times Square. Instead, we stuck with our usual Saturday night drill of dinner, baths, prayers, and bedtime. 

Before dinner, I decided I wanted to try and get a family photo. I told the Bigs to pose so I could see what the lighting was like. This is what I got:

Hahaha . . . they think they're so tough! All of the photos from that attempt were terrible . . . I'm talking head cut off, children not even in the photo, screaming twins so blurry you can't tell who is who, frustrated adults, etc. I deleted them ALL.

After dinner, I decided to try again. I really wanted a family photo this night for what reason I don't know. After looking at these photos, I had to laugh. I look rough, for sure. Sick twins will do that to you!

Brooke was the only child willing to cooperate with my family photo attempt at this point, so I kicked everyone else out of the photo. This one of the three of us turned out pretty cute!

Instead of continuing to torture myself and everyone else with family photos, I decided to give everyone a cupcake instead. Brooke approved!

Brianna and Brenson were cracking me up! I'm not sure what all this "trying to be gansta" mess was about!

Even Brecklyn almost smiled for the first time in about a week when I gave her a cupcake!

Are we crazy yet?!?

And, because I really just could not let it go, I forced everyone to pose ONE MORE TIME for a family photo. And finally . . . I got one I thought was decent-ish, ha! 

Happy 2017 from our family to yours! May we all use this year to glorify God, grow closer to Him, and love those around us!

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