Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Brooke and Brecklyn's 2nd Birthday

Our birthday season kicks off each year with Brooke and Brecklyn's birthday on February 3rd. We were planning a larger party later in the month to celebrate all four kids' birthdays, so we kept their actual birthdays fairly low-key. While we certainly want to take some time to celebrate their precious little lives, we try not to go overboard!

The twins' birthday fell on a Friday this year. That worked out really nicely for us for a variety of reasons. Chris decided to take the day off from work to spend at home with the girls and make the day a little extra special in that way. We are so blessed with how flexible his job is, and that he gets a generous amount of vacation time. 

We had a pretty solid birthday routine in our old house, but this was our first kid birthday to celebrate in this house. We didn't really change up too much as far as our traditions go, so that was nice to be able to continue most of them. I decided to make the fireplace and mantel a birthday focal point for birthday decorations and gifts.

Chris and I have all of this set up for the kids to see when they very first wake up for the day. We also decorate the door to their bedroom in some way. This year, we hung balloons in the doorway for the girls, and it turned out really cute. I just forgot to snap a picture of it! We also go to the dollar store and get them each three mylar balloons. As you can see in the photos, we used the balloons to decorate their trikes, then we tie their balloons to their chair at the dinner table until the balloons go flat. At only $1 apiece, we feel like this is an affordable tradition, and the kids love it!  Several years ago, we began allowing the kids to open their birthday gifts first thing in the morning, so we continued that tradition this year.

We got up for the day, ate a normal breakfast, got everyone dressed and ready, then let the girls explore their gifts!

Brecklyn, my big TWO year old!

Brooke, my other big TWO year old!

As you can see above, the girls' "big" gifts were the trikes. They LOVED them and didn't want to get off of them to open their other gifts. We did convince them, though :-)



As you can see, they were quite impressed with their new dresses, haha!

Brooke and Brecklyn with the next pieces in their Precious Moments Birthday Trains. 

Gift opening was serious business!

Ever since the girls were born, we made Brooke our "purple baby" and Brecklyn our "pink baby" when it was an option. This is how we keep track of their sippy cups, some of their baby dolls, their toothbrushes, etc. The girls have caught on to this, and they knew exactly whose gift was whose when I put a purple bag and a pink bag in front of them!

They each received some new dishes . . . Brooke's are purple, 

and Brecklyn's are pink!

They did have two gifts for them to share. One was the alphabet puzzle you can see behind the girls, and the other one was a coffee maker for their play kitchen (pictured below).

We also let them open cards that they had received from my Granny Tiger and my parents. Brecklyn was super excited about the whole process!

Being a Friday, Brianna had school this day. She was super disappointed that she had to go, and didn't understand why we wouldn't just let her skip. We did a few more pictures, and Daddy drove her sad and pouty little self to school.

Brooke and Brianna

Brenson and Brecklyn (with the same expression, haha)

While Chris took Brianna to school, I attempted a few birthday pictures of the twins. That's always easier said than done, for sure!

Brooke, Brecklyn

My little Sarah girl

This face :-)!

My precious Brooke Ellie

Another attempt at a pic of them together . . . 

I was pretty happy with this one!

We spent the rest of the morning just playing with the girls. I feel like I don't often get to just play with my kids, so Chris and I both took advantage of being able to do that this day. We ate lunch at home, then Chris and I started packing for our weekend.

Every year in February, I invite my parents to come to our house to celebrate the kids' birthdays. This year, they weren't able to make it, so we made a trip to their house instead. We planned to leave as soon as we picked Brianna up from school that afternoon and be there until Sunday. This meant that Chris and I had just a few hours to get everyone packed to go, get the van loaded, and go pick up Brianna. In the middle of us rushing around to get everything ready, the furniture we had ordered for our bonus space in our house was delivered. It was a bit chaotic, for sure. However, we got it all done in time to pick Brianna up at school and leave straight from the school for our trip. 

The drive from our house to my parents' house is about 2.5 to 3 hours. This meant that we got there just in time for a yummy home cooked dinner to finish out the girls' second birthday. They were SO excited for a special trip to Grampy and G-Jo's house, and it was really to perfect way to end their birthday!

Of course, the birthday celebration wasn't really over just because February 3rd had passed. The next day (Saturday), Mom planned a fun lunch of some finger foods and had special cookies with each of the kids' names on them. 

We lit a candle for Brooke and Brecklyn, and sang Happy Birthday to them. I think it made Brecks a little nervous.


She blew her candle out like a pro!

Brecklyn wasn't sure about the candle business, so Grampy had to help her.

Of course, Brooke Ellie enjoyed her cookie! She's our foodie girl and definitely appreciates a treat!

Brecklyn nibbled and picked at her cookie, but didn't actually eat too much of it. 

G-Jo had a cookie made for Brianna and Brenson, as well. 

After cookies, Grampy and G-Jo had a few little gifts for each of the kids. 

Brecklyn, Momma, Brooke

Momma and Brooke

Brooke and Brecklyn thanking G-Jo for their gifts.

Bren and Grampy

The twins were all up in Bren's business when he was opening his gift.

Brianna opening her gift. 

Grampy and G-Jo gave the girls these rainboots for their birthday, and they have been a big hit. Of course, the girls had to put them on right then!


Brecklyn was cracking me up with her tutu and rainboots :-).

The kids all took good naps that afternoon, then we had a low-key evening just hanging out with Grampy and G-Jo. The next morning, we went to church with them, but had to get a few pictures first, of course.

Grampy with Brenson, Brooke, Brecklyn, and Brianna

Brenson, G-Jo, Brooke, Brecklyn, Grampy, and Brianna

Our "little" family with our two year olds, four year old, and six year old :-)

We had such a great weekend celebrating Brooke and Brecklyn (and Brianna and Brenson, too!) I love having all my kids' birthdays so close together. People often ask how the children feel about it, and they love it right now, too! They don't know any different, and Brianna was actually surprised to find out recently that not all siblings have birthdays close together like they do. This was a great kick-off to our birthday season!

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