Monday, July 9, 2007

Because of Infertility...

I was surfing the net today and came across a document called "Because of Infertility..." I decided to make my own list of ways that infertility affects me. For those of my friends that are also suffering with this struggle, I hope this helps you as much as it did me!

Because of Infertility...

I become stronger every day.

I am more open and detailed with my doctor.

I sometimes feel angry and jealous of friends/relatives that get pregnant easily.

Baby showers are sometimes very hard for me.

I am more careful about the things I say to people and the questions that I ask never know the private pain someone may be feeling.

I feel biologically defected and flawed.

My faith in God is stronger and I'm learning to trust Him more.

I avoid certain aisles in the stores.

I have a lot of private pain that I try to cope with and cover up.

I will never complain about being pregnant...even if I'm sick every day.

I grieve for a child that I've never had but already love.

I cry over little silly things.

I know my body VERY well.

Sex isn't always spontaneous and fun...sometimes it has to be planned.

I've lost a lot of privacy.

I strive to see God's blessings in little things and appreciate what I am given.

I know more about pregnancy and conception than many women who have given birth!

My husband and I have freedoms that we might not have if we were parents.

I wonder if my mother lied to me that having sex will get you pregnant!!!

I am gaining strength every day to begin treatments again!

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