Monday, January 28, 2008

Big Day Update!

Here is the update on my doctor's appointment with my new Reproductive Endocrynologist (fertility doc) last week. Chris and I went in, talked with Dr. P for a while, and he immediately thought that I have a condition called PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome), meaning that my ovaries don't function properly because they are covered in cysts. I have been tested for this in the past by my old doc, but the tests came back "inconclusive". However, Dr. P decided to do an ultrasound, which did reveal that I have PCOS. Both ovaries are covered in cysts, but the right one is especially bad. Dr. P was very positive that there are many treatment options available for this condition, but to find the cause of it requires more bloodwork (14 different tests to be exact). I was scheduled to have the bloodwork done last Wednesday, but ended up with a Urinary Track Infection instead. That meant I had to take antibiotics to clear up the infection, and I can't have the bloodwork done until the meds are out of my system. We are currently scheduled to go back to Dr. P next Monday for a follow-up to find out what the blood tests revealed (if anything), but since I haven't had the blood tests done yet, we are post-poning that appointment.

All in all, Chris and I are feeling okay with everything. Yes, my ovaries looked bad, but there are treatment options available, so that is encouraging. It's just hard waiting to find out what the next step needs to be.

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