Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Circle of Life

Do you ever have days that just make you stop and think about life in general? How people enter and leave this world every single day? I do. And today has certainly been on of those days!

My dear friend, Adam, lost his grandfather earlier this week and today was the funeral. I decided to attend the funeral in support of Adam and his family (I've known them for about 12 years). His grandfather lived 87 years as a Godly, faithful man, and everyone took comfort in that fact. So it wasn't like the funeral was tragically upsetting (of course it was was a funeral after all), but I think funerals in general just get peoples' minds going, ya know? They do mine anyway.

At the very same time, Christie's (one of my best friends) husband calls me to let me know that she was in full-fledged labor with their daughter. I got the call during the funeral in fact (and for any of you reading this that were at the funeral, no, my phone was NOT the one ringing out loud!!!). Now, I know that people pass on and people are born every single day...but for the two events to be so prominent in MY life on the SAME day...that's just different.

And so it goes, the circle of life that God tells us about in His Word, continues. While one family is saying good-bye today, another is meeting their newest member for the first time. What a strange mix of emotions I am feeling right now.

Oh...and Adam, I'm so sorry for your loss. May God provide you and your family all the comfort you need right now. And Christie...congratulations! Can't wait to hold baby girl!!!

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