Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reunited... and it feels so good!

Tea and I are officially reunited today!!! I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!! This is definitely the highlight of my week so far.

Other news...Chris and I had our follow-up appointment with Dr. P this past Monday. I found out that I am severely anemic and insulin resistant. He put me on a prescription vitamin for the anemia, and on a medication called Metformin for the insulin resistance. He also put me on a specific diet to help with that as well.

From what Dr. P was saying and from what I've read, insulin resistance comes hand-in-hand with PCOS...they kind of feed off of each other. Dr. P also warned me that the Metformin would probably make me pretty sick for about 2 weeks until my body adjusts to it. After our appointment, I went home and googled Metformin (the worst idea ever by the way) and read all these nightmarish stories about women who are on the drug and spent the first 2 weeks in the bathroom vomiting and other "icky" things like that... then I got totally freaked out and almost made myself sick worrying about being sick! BUT, so far I have been very blessed and have only had some bouts of nausea here and there, and although I have definitely felt like I was going to lose my lunch, I haven't actually thrown up. I am praying that it stays that way...
I also found out that I'll be having surgery in March...more details about that later.

Dr. P was very positive about all of this...he kept telling me how much better I'll in feel in general after we get all these things fixed up. I wasn't aware that I was feeling all that bad right now, but I'll take it!!! AND, he is optimistic about us being able to conceive later on this year...I am feeling like I have hope for that again...and it feels SO good!

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