Monday, March 10, 2008

A letter to OU

Dear OU,

I'm writing you this letter in sadness and it's all your fault. Yes, I know that you do good things for our state and for education, and my dear husband even claims to be a Boomer Sooner. But you, OU, are a dirty dog. You are taking my friend Holley away from me *tear*. Your lure was just too great and she's leaving me for you. Boo, OU!


A soon-to-be sad and lonely girl who is actually very happy and extremely excited for her friend Holley who has landed her dream job and is off to Norman to change the world.

Congratulations, Holley! I'm so happy that you got the job! And hey, Norman isn't THAT far away, right?


Patterson said...

Harold's outlet and great eating places! I'm in for a road trip to visit Holly!

The Erbs said...

Girl...I need to verify your mailing addres. I think the one I have might be old. Can you email me please?