Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This just in!

Well, it was "just in" on March 3rd...but that's beside the point. Anyway, get ready, here comes big news...

Blogging is good for your health!

This article on discovery health talks about how blogging can help us to feel less isolated and more connected to our community. Check it's a short read!

And you know what? I think that's right. I sometimes feel a little isolated and, yes, even lonely (ugh, that looks even uglier in writing than it did in my head) because I feel like everyone around me can wink at their spouse and get pregnant with children they don't even necessarily want (I said necessarily...I know that many of you wanted your children and love them deeply). And then there's me... the defected, barren girl who desperately wants a baby but can't have one. In my head, I know that I'm not alone in this journey, but try telling that to my heart when yet another friend, co-worker, aquaintance, relative, etc announces their pregnancy. Okay...stay with me, I do have a point here. The blog world connects me to other people going through the same struggles as me, and even though I don't actually know these people in real life, I feel less lonely and isolated when I'm reading about their struggles that are similar to mine. Surprisingly, (at least to me anyway) there is a whole virtual community of infertile people out sharing their stories.

My point? Blogging (for me) is a good thing! The end.


Earl Gearl said...

I completely agree with that article. I vent on my blog and it makes me feel better! I even have toned down the real venting I like to do and Russ is happier, too.

Russ said...

lisa has a point ha ha. Though I wouldn't refer to yourself as the "barren girl" that can't help your mental state I'm sure ha ha.

Patterson said...

I do vent less to Chris. My friends always get excited about the same things that my husband might not.
I am here anytime you are lonely.