Monday, April 14, 2008

If you leave the store with it, it's yours!

This past weekend, some of my gals and I decided to hit the spa for an evening of fun and relaxation!

My sister, Lisa, joined us. She and her husband, Russ, came in on Friday night and crashed at our house for the weekend. Our guys are good friends, which is great for us because we can just take off and do what we want to and not worry about them. They went to a Driller's game on Saturday where it was 50-cent-hotdog and bring-your-dog-to-the-park day! Hmmm, I think I'd definately rather go to the spa!

Then, on Saturday, Holley met up with us and we began our crazy, wonderful girls' day out! Our first stop was Tracy's house in Owasso. Every stop along the way was a photo-op! We were all so excited, but Tracy was more wound up than I think I've ever seen her! She says all her talking bothers some people, but it's one of the things I love about her!After loading up in Tracy's Expedition, we headed over to pick up Tia. Yep, we had to stop for pictures again! We were wound for sound!!!
Our next stop was Abuelo's for some food! At Abuelo's, Lillian and Melissa met up with us. Lillian is Tia's cousin (and Holley's co-worker... small world!) and Melissa is also one of their co-workers. I'd never met them before, but they were tons of fun! We all had a great time riding together in Tracy's soccer-mom mobile!

On our way from Abuelo's to the spa, we stopped at this $1 Jewlery Galore store. They have TONS of beaded jewelry, and everything is only $1!!! Crazy, right? Well, you had better believe that we took advantage of it! Between the seven of us (although we couldn't convince Tia to buy anything), we spent a whopping $30 and this is what we came out with: Their return policy is "If you leave the store with it, it's yours!" Oh well, it was only a dollar!

Our last stop was finally the spa. We were all pampered and catered to and massaged and doted on... it was WONDERFUL!!! We had the whole place to ourselves, so we were free to visit and laugh as loudly as we thought necessary... and laugh we did!!!


Patterson said...

I had a great time. I have enjoyed getting to know you!

Holley said...

Yep....awesome day:) Thanks for letting me crash on your couch and for the party, which I'm pretty sure you organized! Love you! Tell Jon Bon and Chris Daughtry I said hi!!!!!