Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And the ball keeps rolling!

I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!! My friend Tia has now joined the ranks in bloggerland as well!!! Hooray! Pretty soon, I won't have to talk to any of my friends in person, haha!

Welcome, Tia! http://petrogirl.blogspot.com/

Tia, Holley, and Me... Does anyone else notice that I have a crazy amount of pictures with Holley?!? We are picture-takin' fo's. Oh yes I did, I just wrote that.

Alright, who's next? Jeremy? Shawna? Dare I ask... Chris?


Holley said...

Hey...I've never seen this picture! I'd forgotten about this. AHHH....memories:)

Chris said...

you can say it, but it won't happen. why bother when everyone else know about my life through you.