Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Zambia Here We Come!

Chris and I have recently been given an AMAZING opportunity to go on a mission trip. One could certainly say that we both have a heart for mission work (especially me), and have done some missions in the past. SO, Lord willing, on June 18th, we will travel to Livingstone, Zambia, Africa for a 3 1/2 week mission trip!

Zambia is located in the southern part of Africa (shown here in green).

The town where we will be staying and working primarily is in the southern part of Zambia... very close to the famous Victoria Falls. Currently, the plan is for us to help conduct a campaign in the bush (rural country), do some one-on-one teaching, and participate in a lectureship that will be conducted while we are there. There will likely be other things that we'll do as well, but we're not sure on the details of everything yet. My dad will be going with us, as well as several others from the church that he works with.

We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work in God's Kingdom abroad! At this time, we ask for your prayers for a safe journey and pleasant stay, and MOST IMPORTANTLY that the work we do will be effective in reaching the people of that area.


Tracy said...

You both will do an excellent job. I was reached in this way, so I appreciate the extra efforts you and Chris are making to reach out to others as well. It will show that it's from your heart and you'll leave an impression on all of them. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

We have a young lady at church that cares for the infants in Zambia. I will have to find out where and let you know. She does amazing work in God's name and is such a precious Christian. Hugs to you!