Thursday, June 5, 2008

Moses and the Leopard-Print Hand

This week we are having Vacation Bible School, and I am teaching the 4 and 5 year old class. Tonight is our last night, and it has gone really well so far.
Cash, Gabriel, Miss Chelley, Rafe, Jagr, and Amy Lyn

May I just say for the record that kids are HILARIOUS!!! I wish I would have written down all the funny things they have said throughout the week. Here are a couple of conversations we have had:

Talking about God telling Moses to go to Pharoah:

Me: So God told Moses to throw his rod down on the ground, and guess what happened? It became something that's long and slithery. What do you think it became?

Jagr: A snake!

Me: That's right Jagr! Great job! It became a snake!

Cash (with the widest eyes and soft voice): Oh. My. Gosh.

Coloring the head Queen Esther:

Amy Lyn: Will you please pass the brown crayon?

Me: Sure, here you go.

Amy Lyn: I'm coloring my Queen Esther brown (pointing her little finger to Gabriel)... like him.

Gabriel (looking at Amy Lyn like, Are you kidding me?): Humph

For clarification, Gabriel wasn't coloring his Queen Esther brown. Amy Lyn was referring to the fact that Gabriel has brown skin, so she was coloring her Esther's skin the same color as his skin!

Reviewing the Moses story from the night before:

Me: Who can remember what happened when Moses put his hand in his shirt?

Rafe: It had a disease when he pulled it out.

Amy Lyn: Yeah, it was leopard print!

Me: Very good! His hand had leprosy!


Earl Gearl said...

MER! Little kids are soooo funny!!! How do you say "Jagr"??

Tracy said...

I love those stories. I didn't get to hear those from you. Thanks for sharing. Tell Chris thanks for making sur ethis vbs took place for these cute little ones.