Monday, July 14, 2008

Home is where the heart is... sort of

Chris and I made it home safely this past Friday. I apologize for the delay in posting... we've been busy trying to get things in order on the home front.

After the incredibly LONG trip home, we arrived at our house to discover our air conditioner had gone out while we were gone. Project number one became overpaying someone to come out on the weekend and fix it for us!

Here we are about 10 hours into the 20 hours flight... pretty, huh?

It's amazing how plane food wasn't one bit appetizing on the way to Zambia, but tasted pretty good on the way home. I think we must have had one too many meals like this: Eyeball... yummy! I didn't actually eat this, but Chris did!

I did, however, have a non-food related adventure when a couple of African women braided my hair! It took about 2 1/2 hours and my head was sore for 2 days! The African women LOVED my hair like this! Chris... not so much!

Chris and I are both happy to be home! We are not missing things like:

the market,

the garbage and filth,

sleeping under a mosquito net every night,

and the lizard friends who were everywhere (including our room!)

However, we left part of our hearts in Africa, and we are really missing:

the amazing people,

teaching classes,

the beautiful scenery,

our favorite spot behind the school,

spending time at the school with the students (or, like in this photo, the graduates who came back to visit),

playing games with the Christian youth,
seeing wildlife (like hippos sunning on the shore of the Zambezi River),

giving gifts to people who have nothing and are extremely grateful for things we take for granted (We donated the money for these bicycles so that the natives could ride into the villages to preach and teach the gospel to their friends and family. The school only had 9 bikes for the 23 students to share. Without the bikes, they have to walk for hours and hours and hours to get to where they need to go.),
and the gorgeous sunsets!!!

Notice how the list of what we will miss is much, much longer than the list of things that we are happy to have left.

That's what happens when you lose part of your heart.


The Family of N said...

Cool stuff. you have to take me next time.

Chris said...

I have been sad thinking about Africa. I would rather be there in the garbage and dirt than here working that's for sure.

Earl Gearl said...

It's about time you posted, girl! I was wondering what was going on.

Joy Lin said...

First, that fish that Chris ate made me gag a little.

Second, whoa your hair.

Third, I had fun at lunch today.

Holley said...

OK...that fish was GROSS!

I love your hair like that:)

Sounds like you guys had a life-changing experience. I'm sure it brought you and Chris closer together too. I'm so glad you got to do that! Miss you.....

Tracy said...

We are so impressed with your strength to endure all of those lifestyle changes. Most of all that you left a long lasting impression on Africa.

Thanks for taking 3 weeks out of your life to do that.

Anonymous said...

Happy to have a part with you in teaching God's Word.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chelley, this is Bryanne. I'm sorry I didn't add you on myspace and I just added you on facebook. I didn't have myspace access at JobCorps. I miss our talks and would like to continue to be friends.