Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's Talk about Leona Lewis

I am a big Leona Lewis fan. One day, I was riding with Tracy in her car and she had Leona Lewis's Spirit cd playing. I purchased it while we were out that night, and it has barely been out of my player ever since. It is excellent.

So imagine my excitement when I heard that Leona Lewis would be performing in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Did anyone see her performance?
It was weird.

She and Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin) performed the Zeppelin classic, Whole Lotta Love. I don't have a whole lotta love for that song in the first place, but the two of them performing it together was just odd.

Then there was the whole wardrobe thing. As you can see in the above photos, she stood on an aparatus that made her about three times taller than normal... and the dress was made "clothe" the aparatus as well. While I was very impressed with her ability to stand up on that thing (I would totally fall off something like that), it was still strange to me.

I wanted to hear her sing one of her songs.

Can you imagine wearing a dress like that?


Angie said...

Yeah it is kind of like putting Justin Timberlake with Janet Jackson.

Cat on the Run said...

I have to say I am kinda glad I missed that part...very very strange looking dress.

Anonymous said...

I went right to Google to check her tunes. LOVED THEM! Bought them over my lunch hour. E-mailed Terra to see if she liked her...thinking a great gift idea. She had bought her the very same week. Gotta love it! Thanks for sharing good music. Hugs!