Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I need some air

Another birth announcement from an old friend, and once again the wind is knocked out of me.

Out of the blue, in the form of the happiest text message I've ever read, he tells me the news.

I quickly squeeze my eyes shut as the wave of pain comes over me. I hope to hold some of it back. My heart physically hurts.

How I wish I could just feel the happiness for my friend without the pain for myself.

Why is it that some days the hurt hurts more?

I didn't even see this coming today.


KJG said...

I know we are friends of a friend and connected merely as blog friends, but today I pray for you - knowing that we serve the same God and in that is our true connection. May the God of Peace flood over you and speak healing to that hurt. We share a similar experience. I do have some understanding of what it is to long for a baby and the hurt that is caused when others have reason to celebrate. I will be praying for you.

Russ said...

I'll never fully understand the pain you are going through, I even struggled with lisa. Know this, you and Chris are always in my prayers.

Holley said...

I KNOW it will happen!!!!!!! Hold on..........Love you:)

Mercedes said...

I will never truly understand your pain. We do deeply care and hurt for you and pray for you everyday. You have been such a trooper through everything. May God give you a beautiful resolution soon!