Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Flashback -- Crazy List Thing

This Friday Flashback features one of those e-mail survey things that I completed when I was 17. For some reason, I printed it and have always kept it around. I've made a few comments to my original answers in green. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 1998

Full Name: Michelle Mae MaidenName
Nickname: Chelley, Chelle (CH with an SH sound)
Ones I particularly dislike: Chelle or Chelley with a CH (as in CHeese) sound I still hate that!
Parents: Charles A. MaidenName, Stephanie J. MaidenName (Chuck and Jody)
Siblings & their ages: Shane 25, Jeremy 22, Lisa 15
School: Cleveland High School
Future School: Unknown
Best Friends: Susan H., Katie T., Adam G. (still), Chris N. (still), Jen S.
Pets & Their Names: None
Jobs: BUM
Hobbies: Music, computers, writing, exercising really? I liked exercising? Hmmm.
Things you collect: any kind of turtle, glitter domes, rings
Best Advice Ever Given: Suck it up and move on I don't remember anyone ever saying this to me!
A Non-Sport Game which you excel: The love game :-) Heehee... that was true
A Non-Sport Game which you enjoy: Phase 10, spades, solitaire
Dream Car: Acura SUV
Coolest Experience in Life: Living in Hicksville USA
Scariest thing you've ever done: Riding in a car that my best friend is driving
Fave thing to do in the summer: swim, camps, stay with bros, have fun, hang out with friends, hike, fish
Fave thing to do in the Fall: got to football games, take walks, hang out with friends
Fave thing to do in the winter: sled, cuddles up to someone and drink hot chocolate, hang out with friends, go to basketball games
Song that couldn't be improved upon: Love Hurts Oh wow...
Most Influential People: parents, Adam G., close friends
Character traits you look for most in a person: honest, fun-loving, intelligent, kind, respectful
What you want to be: BUM :-)
Future goals: Always be a good friend, be a good wife and mother, serve God to the best of my ability
Fave Music: Anything and Everything. Absolute Fave: 70's rock! Yikes.
Groups/Singers: R.E.M., REO Speedwagon, The Cranberries, Bush, Patty Loveless, Enya, Cowboy Junkies, John Anderson, Randy Travis, George Straight, Chicago, Collective Soul, Matchbox 20, Journey, Blues Traveler, Live, Heart, They Might Be Giants, Jewel, Queen Very eclectic mix of music!
Fave Food: Mexican
Least Fave Food: Asian
Funniest People you know: Jen S., Josh B., Tweety W.
Fave Vacationing Spot: Estes Park, Colorado
Fave Subject: Math
Fave Sport to play: Volleyball
Fave Sport to watch: basketball
In and around the cd player: R.E.M., Cranberries, Joe Diffie, Eagles, Seal, Enya, Bush, Queen I was obsessed with Seal's Kissed by a Rose song for a while.
Fave Toy: Reggie (my truck :-)
Fave Actor: Chris O'Donnell
Fave Movies: While You Were Sleeping; Titantic, The Cutting Edge, Born Yesterday I don't even remember the movie Born Yesterday?
Fave Animal: turtles, turtles, turtles!!!
Fave TV show: Everybody Loves Raymond
Fave Day: Thursday Still like Thursdays
Fave Month: October I love October... that's why I got married in October!
Fave Color: Green
Fave Toothpaste: Crest Mint Paste
Fave thing to wear: baggy jeans and comfy sweaters
Fave number: 2 or 8

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Sasha said...

I probably received your survey through email back in the day... funny.

Do you still like turtles and is your favorite color still green? I think of you every once in awhile when I see a cute turtle in the store.