Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out on a Limb

Tonight, I did something that I have rarely (if ever) done. I was invited by a friend's friend to go to the friend's friend's friend's house for a scrapbooking crop night of sorts. I almost said no, but then I thought, why? I didn't have plans for the evening, and it sounded like a lot of fun. Plus, choosing to not do something simply out of fear is dumb.

So, I said yes!

I went with someone I don't really know to hang out with a group of people I've never met. That's a pretty big deal for me. I mean, many of you know how painfully shy I can be, and how hard I have to work at overcoming that fear of strangers.

And you know what? Everything was fine. Everyone was so nice and friendly, and seemed like a lot of fun! Plus, I'm getting to know my friend's friend better, and I'm hoping to upgrade her from the status of friend's friend to just friend *grin*.

So thanks, Kelly, for inviting me! You probably had no idea how much I was breaking out of my shell. I had a good time!!!

Oh, and while there, we all took this personality test. Things like that are generally right on for me, and I think this one describes me well! Here's what it said: You have good analytical skills and think logically. You also are sensitive to feelings -- yours and others'. You can be cool and analytical when necessary, but you still find it in your heart to temper logical decisions with emotions. Sometimes this causes a dilemma in decision making between rational data-based decisions and instinctive gut-feeling decisions. But, you'll do fine either way.

For those of you that know me in real life, would you agree?


The Family of N said...

The analysis is a little off, though just a little. You are heavier on emotion than it stated. So, I guess you are out on a broken limb.

KJG said...

How fun! You SO beat me to it... I was going to write about my friend's friend who was so brave and came with me to my friend's home. :) I'm glad you did!!

Angie said...

OOoo I love personality tests! And yeah it sounds pretty right on.

Cindy said...

Chelley, I am glad you came too. It was great to have you. I also read your goals for 2009...wow!! I hope you suceed.