Friday, January 16, 2009

Flashback Friday -- A Ukrainian Experience

I decided that for my first Ukrainian Flashback Friday, I would just open the journal from my first trip and write what was written on that page.

Hee-hee... maybe I should have thought about that a little more. Please remember that I was young when I wrote this... and had a bad attitude about writing it...

Saturday, November 19, 1994

I woke up this morning at Luda's house. I slept very good. Luda fed us a huge breakfast, and afterwards we went with Tommy and Eddie for a tour of the city. I personally was not very impressed. Kharkov isn't near as beautiful as Kiev. In the metro building, I slipped and fell down the stairs. I felt so dumb! I hurt my arm, and it still hurts really bad. Hopefully nothing serious. We came back to Luda's and she fed us what she called a "snack". We played cards with Bogdan for a while until Tommy came back. Then we ate again. I was so full. Without losing a beat, we continued on to Tommy's office for a Bible study. There were about 25 people there. It lasted for about two hours. We were escorted back home by 2 Ukrainians named Artiome and Marina. Tommy and Eddie also came. They are still here. Dad and Tommy need to talk about some things.
Here we are playing cards that evening. I'm not in the photo because I'm taking it.
Okay, so my journal (from my first trip especially) really lacks any emotion or detail. As I read through that, I remember some things pretty clearly, like playing cards with Bogdan and Luda's "snack" that was a big meal complete with chocolates filled with liquor. Oh, and I remember falling down the stairs in the Metro building. That's just so me. No one will doubt how ridiculously clumsy I am as probably half of Flashback Fridays will somehow include me falling. *sigh*


Joy Lin said...

I love it! Funny, too, how this really sounds like you (except for the very short sentence style). Phrases like, "hopefully nothing serious," and "without missing a beat"...Sounds just like you talk now, even though this was 14 years ago. :)

Chris said...

I say it sounds just like her b/c of the falling issue. I just wonder how many times you have fallen down stairs? Can I get a number?

The Family of N said...

At least there were no kids with her this time when she fell. HaHa!!