Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A night with Celine

For Christmas, Tracy's husband, Chris, gave Tracy, me, and Tia concert tickets to Celine Dion. That way, Tracy was happy that she got to see Celine, and he was happy that he didn't have to take her!
I was SO EXCITED!!! I think Celine Dion has a phenomenal voice and I love her music!
Tia, who was a little less excited than Tracy and me, kept teasing us Sunday night that she was going to be sick and not have to go to the concert.

And do you know what happened?

Poor Tia did get sick... pretty bad... sick enough that she really couldn't go :-(.

Tracy's 7 year-old daughter, Kennedy, had been begging to go with us (Tracy is training her young to appreciate Celine). So, Tracy decided that we'd take Kennedy in Tia's place.In Kennedy's words, she was "psyched"! Right as we were walking in, we gave Kennedy her ticket and told her to hang on to it and not let it go. When the ticket taker tried to take it to scan it, Kennedy did exactly what she was told and wouldn't let go! It was so cute.

We all admired how beautiful Celine is, cheered at the top of our lungs, and sang our hearts out! Kennedy did great for being out so late. Hopefully, she'll always remember our night with Celine!

Celine really catered to the audience. She is truly a performer, but at the same, she would talk to us like she was the girl next door. She made you feel like you could sit down and have a casual conversation, like about the weather or something, with her.

And her voice. WOW! I couldn't get over how amazing it is. I just had to record a short clip, and this is one of my favorite songs!

And even after changing her outfit six times and singing for almost two hours, she still looked beautiful!

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Tracy said...

Thanks for going with us!!