Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Shower for Chlogan *edited*

My sister and her husband are expecting a baby in April. For the first 22 weeks of the pregnancy, we thought the baby was a boy, who was to be named Logan. Then, the baby decided to be a girl, who is to be named Chloe.

I'm calling the baby Chlogan until she comes out and we know for sure!

Anyway, the church where Chris and I are members are a very generous group of people who LOVE to give showers. We give showers for people who aren't members there all the time, so when they heard that my sister is expecting, they decided to give her a shower. Li and Russ have visited numerous times, Russ preaches for us about 3 or 4 times a year, and they helped one year with our VBS, so it wasn't totally bizarre that they had a shower for her.

The shower was this past weekend. It was really great to have my mom, Lisa, and Russ at the house for the weekend. We always enjoy company! I'm just a hostess at heart.

The cake (from Merritts) was beautiful and sooooooo good. I've been trying really hard not to eat the leftovers for every meal.
I decided to put together a whole baby bathtub full of stuff for Chlogan. I got a little carried away and all the stuff didn't even fit, so I still had to wrap part of it seperately! Ooops.
As part of the decorations, we hung this clotheline with goodies for the guests of honor to take home with them. I thought it turned out cute!
I helped Li out by writing down who gave what gifts. It worked out well since I know everyone and I could point out to her the ladies she didn't know. She recieved a lot of really great stuff.
Here she is with my gift to her as Tracy looks on. It ended up being pretty heavy, so Li could hardly lift it!

Fisher, Tracy's four-year-old son, kept asking where the baby was. He told me that he doesn't get why someone who's not even born gets all these presents! Haha, it was so cute!

*EDITED TO ADD* -- Happy one year birthday to my blog! Oh, I have enjoyed you so!


KJG said...

I LOVE the idea of using the clothes line... how clever. SO cute!

Sasha said...

I also like the clothes line idea! Looks like Lisa had a wonderful baby shower!! What fun!! :o)

Tracy said...

Glad we could do that for her. We like to get together for the know one more reason for Tia to get a Merritts cake!*grin*

I think I look like the pregnant one in the last one.