Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Basketball's New Fan

I have never been much of a sports fan. Really, by much of a sports fan, I mean not a fan at all. I did not understand what would make someone get so worked up over just a game. I didn't see how your favorite team losing could put you in a bad mood. I just didn't get it.

Until now.

This past basketball season, Chris and I have gotten very attached to our hometown college team. For me, it started out innocent enough. It was about supporting the school where I'm employed. This is only our 2nd year to have basketball, and I wanted to do my part to support the program. I didn't really care about basketball.
Then, about the beginning of December, I realized that I was really starting to enjoy going to the games, and by the end of December, I was looking forward to them. In January, I started rearranging my schedule so I wouldn't miss any home games, and by the time February rolled around, I was getting to the games early to secure my seat, jumping up and down when we made good plays, and yelling at the refs for bad calls. I started talking about the games at home, at work, at church, and with my friends. We even traveled several hours to our last game of the regular season. It was a gradual progression, but somewhere along the way, I caught the FEVER!

Recently, our nationally ranked #1 team played (AND WON!!! WOOT!) their conference tournament in Lubbock, Texas. When my boss (a complete basketball fanatic) requested that Chris and I take the *short* 8 hour ride on the Hillcat Fan Van to help cheer our guys to victory, we jumped on board.

Here's the Fan Van, complete with decorations and fans. In this picture is Seth (Kristen's hubby), Kristen (co-worker), Julie (boss), Joy Lin (co-worker), Chelle, and Chris.
My turn to drive... scary, right?

After arriving in Lubbock, we went straight to the arena to cheer our boys on.

We made these awesome signs to help us cheer.

The boys were a little less excited than we were... but we insisted they hold signs as well.

After winning our game that night, we spent the next day running around Lubbock seeing the sites. We stopped by Texas Tech, visited the football stadium, and walked around campus.

Julie, Joy Lin, Chelle, and Kristen by the Texas Tech sign.

FINALLY, it was time for the championship game. Chris busted out the mullet and "the claw" for the big event.

We showed no mercy... winning by 15 points!!!

I am so proud of our champions!!! Way to go boys!

I made this sign for my favorite player, Eric Young. When he first spotted it, I think it made him blush a little.

Even though we were all ready to crash for the night, we had to get one more photo of us with the whole team before they got on their bus. Thanks guys for another GREAT game!!!

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Tracy said...

You are a great fan. I would love to have you as a fan if I were at all athletic and on a team. Looks like you had a great time and the team appreciated your support.