Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Falling for New York

Time: Spring Break 2003

Place: Madison Square Garden, New York City

In college, Chris and I were members of a group called Redmen for Christ. Every year during Spring Break, RFC conducts a Spring Break campaign somewhere in the US. In 2003, we had traveled to New York City for the second year in a row.

We had spent the entire week volunteering at a local elementary school during the days and conducting a Children's Bible School for a local church in the evenings. We took Friday as a fun day to see some sights before returning home on Saturday.
Here I am with some of the students from the class I volunteered with at the elementary school:
Several of our group (about a dozen or so) had tickets to a New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden that evening.

I even have a photo of my ticket... {I haven't changed much!} *grin*
This included Chris, Jeremy, Shawna, Jordan, baby Kaylee, and myself. The game didn't start until 8:00pm, so by the time it was over, it was about 11pm. Our seats were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the nose-bleed section of the massive arena, and as soon as the game ended, people were flooding out by the thousands. We were trying hard to stay together in the huge crowd, and I had little Jordan (about 2 1/2 at the time) by the hand. I was really scared that he was going to get swept off in the crowd and we were getting ready to go down stairs, so I picked him up, slung him on my hip, and continued on. Shawna was right next to me as we walked down flights and flights and flights of stairs. I had just turned to her and said, "Watch out, the stairs are wet. I hope nobody falls."

Can you guess what happened next?

Yes... really... I did. I slipped on the wet and fell. Down the stairs. With Jordan in my arms.

Yes, I did.

As I lay there sprawled on the ground, Jeremy, Shawna, and Chris grab Jordan and drag me out of the path of the crowd before we got trampled. Jordan was fine, just shaken up, and I was so horrified that I had fallen with him in my arms that I couldn't even think straight. I did know, however, that my arm was hurting... badly... and my fingers were swelling.

The MSG EMTs came with a stretcher and everything, but I decided to just walk to their little station. They checked us both out, and assessed that Jordan was fine, but I needed to go to the hospital for my arm. They wanted to take me in an ambulance, but I refused. It was just my arm. I mean, I have two of them *grin*.

We did end up going to the emergency room at a hospital in Brooklyn (upon the recommendation of a parking garage attendant). By this time, it was well past midnight, and that emergency room was SCARY. Lisa -- who had gone to a Broadway Play instead of the game -- took the kids back to the hotel, while Jeremy, Shawna, and Chris all stayed with me for hours while I waited to see someone. They did x-rays and decided my arm was not broken, but I did have a bone bruise and would have to wear a sling for a week or so.

We arrived back at the hotel just in time to pack our bags and catch our flight home. We were so exhausted, my arm was throbbing, and we still had a day of travel ahead of us.

Here is Lisa, myself, and Chris on the plane. I'm wearing the sling given to me at the hospital... high tech!
Our group was very grateful that the injury wasn't serious and that Jordan was okay. I was especially grateful that it happened on our last night in the City and not earlier in our trip. At least my Spring Break wasn't ruined!!!
Pictured below: Chris, Jeremy, Kaylee, Lisa, Jordan, Chelle, and Shawna at the top of the Empire State Building.


Angie said...

I remember when this happened. We were just becoming friends and I did not know as much about you as I thought I did. I remember thinking, "Wow, what a random accident. Chelley is so graceful." Little did I know... :)

Tracy said...

I am just like you. I hope we don't go somewhere just the two of us....who would drive us to the hospital if we both were clutsy that day?! GRIN GRIN

foreveramber said...

lol... cracks me up.. I fall ALL THE TIME.. last month I fell three times before I made it to church ... we stoped at walgreens 3 times!! another time my friend(well so I thought) yelled at me for embarassing her after I fell! ... I love reading these I am laughing out loud