Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Wal-mart and USD

Time: About 2002

Place: The jewelry counter at Wal-mart in The Quah

Does anyone remember these dollar coins that were released in 2000?

Chris and I had gotten several of them (like 20 or more) not long after we were first married. I needed to have my watch battery replaced, so I grabbed 5 of them and headed to Wal-mart.

At the jewelry counter, the 12-year old Wal-mart girl replaced my battery, and told me my total was $3 and some change. I handed her 4 Sacagawea dollar coins and waited patiently for my change.

I should have known better.

12-year old Wal-mart girl looked at me with a very confused - somewhat annoyed - look on her face.

12 year-old Wal-mart girl: Ummm, I don't think we take these.

Me: What?

12 year-old Wal-mart girl: We don't take these.

Me (somewhat sarcastically): You don't take USD?

12 year-old Wal-mart girl (dead seriously): Ummm, no.

Me: Ooooookkkkkkaaaaayyyyy, I guess I'll pay with my check card then.

12 year-old Wal-mart girl: Yeah.

Sometimes, there are just no words.

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Angie said...

Well taht little Wal-Mart girl better be thanking her lucky stars that it was you and not me trying to pay with the coins.....UGH WAL-MART!!!!!!!!!!!