Thursday, August 27, 2009

Project Fence

When Chris and I purchased our house 3 years ago, we made a list (you know me!) of the things that we wanted to do to the house over time.

Some things on the list were really simple, like installing digital thermostats and painting. Other things on the list involve a little more work (and cost), like building a six-foot privacy fence around our 1/2 acre.

We finally can cross the fence project off the list!

Project Fence began as a series of holes in our yard:
The following weekend, the holes were filled with posts:
The posts then became home to the approximately 500 feet of pickets:
Didn't Chris do a fantastic job? There is now a gate where the big gap in the photo above is. I was a little skeptical of him building the gate himself (I can't help it sometimes... I'm just like that), but I am definitely impressed with his skills! I feel very blessed to be married to a man who is capable of building a fence (among other things :-).

Now we can finally get that dog that Chris has wanted for so long!


Lisa said...

Are you really going to get a dog?

The fence does look great!

Chris said...

I can't take all the credit. I had Ross and our neighbor help a lot.

Sasha said...

YAY!!! We want to do that maybe this spring! Glad other people can do it themselves!! :o) It looks GREAT!! Enjoy. Now you need a pool!

Angie said...

Looks great! Now you can sun bathe in your back yard!