Monday, August 24, 2009

Turning 50!

Yesterday was my *young* mother-in-law's 5oth birthday! We spent the afternoon at her house celebrating with a nice crowd of friends and family.

The cake was super-cute, but I have no idea how it tasted *boo*. I missed the cake eating part of the party... for no good reason either! I just wasn't paying attention to what was going on in the kitchen.
The birthday girl and her *grumpy* husband are pictured below. Okay, he wasn't really grumpy at all, he just doesn't like to have his picture taken. In fact, he pretty much hates it, but sometimes I can talk him into it *grin*!
Birthday lady and her favorite *only* daughter-in-law:
The pretty-in-pink niece, Abby, and Grandma:
The cute 'lil *big* nephew, Zeekers:
Chris doesn't love taking photos either, but he smiles because he loves me and I'll pout otherwise! Kidding *sort of*!

Yay for par-tays!

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Tracy said...

Looks fun...still can't believe you missed out on the CAKE!!!!!