Friday, October 16, 2009

Sometimes, poop happens

Chris and I really enjoy going to sporting events at The College Where I Work. The other night, we were sitting at a soccer game watching our guys beat the opposing team in the cool, crisp, autumn evening air --it was really a lovely night -- when hundreds of {what we think were} bats came flying out over the field.

Beside the fact that it was CREEPY, these creatures were dropping little gifts on the spectators. Well, I'm not actually sure if anyone other than my husband received a little gift, but yep, he got splatted right on the back with poop!

Does this stuff seriously happen to other people?!? Sometimes I wonder if Chris and I have some sort of magnetic field that attracts events like getting pooped on, in public, at a sporting event of my place of employment, with my co-workers at witnesses!!!

But hey, if nothing else, I do have stories to tell *grin*

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Angie said...

With the kiddo on the way, that will probably not be the last time Chris gets pooped on...haha