Monday, December 14, 2009

Straight No Chaser

Last year, during the Christmas season, I was introduced to an awesome *in my opinion* a capella group called Straight No Chaser. After listening to some of the music on their website (click the group name to see the website), I immediately purchased their Christmas cd, and LOVED it!

They are a very talented group of men, and this year they have a new Christmas cd available (which, by the way, I enjoy Christmas music waaaaaay too much *grin*). If you need an inexpensive gift idea, this would be great!

Check them out... The Twelve Days of Christmas and The Christmas Can-Can are sure to make you smile.


Lisa said...

I watched them on PBS on night. Then I was telling Mom about it and it turned out that she had watched them too!

Sara Mautino said...

You know, I've actually been seeing this "Straight No Chaser" written all over the web, but never followed it up to actually find out who or what this was. Thanks for posting. I AM HOOKED. Wow! Talent, and amazing. I bet they are super fun in concert! We watched "Sing Off" tonight on NBC, and SNC just fit in perfectly with my a capella mood!