Friday, December 18, 2009

We've been released!

Baby Girl and I went to see Dr. B (high-risk doc) yesterday. We had still been waiting on a blood test result that she had sent to another lab that specialized in toxoplasmosis testing. Last week, Dr. B's office called me and informed me that my blood had been lost somewhere along the way (!) and that I needed to give another sample. Seriously, how does this stuff happen???

Anyway, we finally had the results of my test yesterday, and I for sure DO NOT have toxoplasmosis! Great news!

In other great news, baby is growing well. She weighed approximately 3 pounds and 3 ounces. All of her measurements (including her head, the area of biggest concern), measured within 5 days of my due date! Whoo-hoo!!! Dr. B officially released me to seeing only my regular OB again. We were so happy with all of this!

I'll still see my OB more frequently than a "regular" patient, but I'm not opposed to a little extra monitoring at this point.

And for proof that she is in fact growing, a picture of me 30 weeks pregnant:


Lisa said...

Yay for gread news!!! You're soooo cute pregnant!!!

Adam Goode said...

This is great news!!!!

The Erbs said...

You are so beautiful! It is so wonderful to hear that Baby Girl is doing so well!!!

Tracy said...

Yeah!!!! We're so excited for u and Chris. Can't wait to see and hear her:))))

Angie said...

Hooray! That is the great news! You look so cute!

Sara Mautino said...