Monday, December 21, 2009

It's a streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch.

I've been semi-working on this post for a couple months now. For some reason, it's been really hard for me to put my feelings into words with this one, but this has been a big thing for this time in my life, so I want record of how I was feeling.

October 16th was National Boss's Day. Some of my employees went together and bought me this wonderful gift:
The two bottles that you can see are actually bubble bath... in case anyone was wondering *grin*.

Does anyone remember this post where I was basically lamenting the fact that I didn't like my job because I didn't feel like I was being pushed and challenged to perform to my potential? Haha, be careful what you ask for.
It was less than a year later that I was promoted to Assistant Director of my department, and only three months after that, my Director went on maternity leave for 3 months. So, since October, I have been the Acting Director of my department... AKA: The Boss.
And it has been CHALLENGING.
I can no longer say that my job does not challenge or push me, but the funny thing is that it pushes me in ways I did not expect. I learn lessons EVERY DAY about how to deal with people, make decisions, and channel my frustrations. Managing people takes A LOT of patience!
I only have 3 days left of being the Acting Director, and as hard as it's been somedays, I am very thankful for the experience. I have really learned so much about myself in this journey. I'm way more invested in my job than I ever thought I would be (and quite possibly, a little TOO invested at times).
I love that, if after baby is born, I choose to walk away from this job, I can say with all certainty that it has helped me grow personally and professionally. Once again, I am just so grateful to have had this experience.

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