Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sometimes I call the baby "Brianna Montana". I don't know why... it just slips out (say it, it really flows). Chris hates it when I call her that. He hates it even more when I just call her "Miss Montana". Heehee.
The Swan's official name is Sarge. Ack... I can't believe Swan Jovi didn't win! I don't really care what name the silly college students voted for, I'm calling the swan Swan Jovi.

We took our first big road trip to see G-Jo and Grampy. They live about 3 hours away in another state. Brianna is so good in her carseat!
I finished another book on my book list... Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. It took me a long time to read it because I didn't love it and had a hard time getting "into" it.

My sister has opened an Etsy shop called Lisa's Little Lovies. She is a very talented crafter, and made the dress bow holder (as well as many of the bows on it) for Brianna's room. She will do custom colors, so if you need a super-cute way to store your daughter's bows (or if you need a great gift), check it out at

Brianna loves to sleep with her little hand against her face. It is so cute! We usually swaddle her when she sleeps, and she will work and work and work to get her hands out of the swaddle. The other day, the swaddle was too tight for her to get her hand out, but she was able to get one little finger out of the blanket. *giggle*

I noticed the other day how dirty my washing machine was. How in the world does something made for the sole purpose of cleaning get so filthy? I finally took 15 minutes and cleaned it. Now it looks as good as new!


Sara and Cayce said...

AH! We tried swaddling by the book, and Lily or as Cayce calls her, "Ninja Arms," always works her arms free. I've finally given up and just swaddle her with her arms out, but Cayce has not given up the fight. What a wonderful "issue" to have!

Joy Lin said...

Oooh, I tried to read Catch-22. I'm not even sure I got through the first chapter.kny