Friday, April 2, 2010

A Song of Hope

One of the most difficult things about infertility for me was the constant ups and downs of emotions that I felt throughout just one cycle. Not long ago, I read a blog written by an infertile woman who discussed how she went through every part of the grieving process every single month of a failed cycle. I related so much to that blog, because I think most infertile people experience the same thing. Between the hope, excitement, anxiety, devastation, denial, anger, depression, hopelessness, acceptance, and then looking toward the next cycle in hope again, the roller-coaster ride of emotions will wear a person down. I can remember so clearly the brief moments of feeling that there was no point in hoping anymore.

However, throughout my whole journey of waiting for a baby, I tried diligently to never completely lose hope that someday the desires of my heart would be fulfilled. I looked to my Heavenly Father for true strength and peace, and because of that, I always had confidence (granted, sometimes I had to really dig deep for it) that somehow, someday we would have our baby.

My sister posted a link to this song about a week ago, and it really touched my heart. I have since listened to it over and over again. I can so relate to the emotions and words of this man.

I'm so blessed that I have the privilege of singing lullabies.

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