Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Swan Story

The College-Where-I-Work boasts a beautiful, wooded campus complete with two lovely ponds. On those ponds live many geese and one large, gorgeous swan. Below is a photo of the actual swan that lives on campus:

Several years ago, Chris and I had a loaf of old bread that he did not want to throw out (environmentalist, remember?). Chris suggested that we go to campus, take a walk in the crisp evening air, and feed the bread to the geese on the pond. Until this night, I was under the impression that the swan was a graceful, loving bird that was harmless.


While feeding the geese that night, Mr. Swan decides that he wants all the bread for himself. He begins attacking the geese, who all instantly cower to his bullying and fly to the other pond. The swan then turns on me (I am holding the remaining bread, after all), puffing up his feathers until he was HUGE and heading straight for me. I don't really do well with fowl... well, make that animals in general... so Chris swoops in to rescue me from death-by-swan. I have been terrified of the campus swan ever since that day.

Since that time, I have witnessed numerous close encounters with the swan (believe it or not, college students sometimes purposely antagonize the swan). I have also heard countless accounts of others having close calls with the swan as well. In fact, the swan has had two mates (swans generally mate for life) in his 12 years of living on campus. However, he is currently a bachelor. I can't say that I blame the Missuses for not sticking around though... he is one mean fella.

So, recently someone on campus decided that Mr. Swan needed a name, and a naming poll was opened. The five name finalist are: Bernard, Bob, Sarge, Swan Jovi, and Walter. I think the name Swan Jovi is just perfect for him! Regardless of what name actually wins, to me he will from henceforth be called Swan Jovi.

I am glad Swan Jovi will finally have a real name. It will sure make telling my story a lot more interesting!

On a side note, I think if Chris and I have more children, we will open up a name poll at the College-Where-I-Work. Don't you know that could get interesting!


Lisa said...

If you have a boy I vote for Willie.

Sara and Cayce said...

Swan Jovi! Someone is super creative! OMG, I just got Lisa's joke, Willie HAH! I'm second Willie! OT-I will be sure Cayce posts on FB Lily's arrival... several hours before her actual delivery.