Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brianna is 3 months old!

Chris and I are amazed every day by our precious little girl (do I say this in every post???). We are amazed that it's already been three months since she was born, we are amazed that we can love her so much, and we are amazed at how much she changes every day.
Here is Brianna at three months old with Baby Kelly. She is growing so fast!
We all know how much she loves Baby Kelly *grin*. Is she saying "Get away from me, Kelly!", or "Okay, Kelly, let's be friends!" in this photo???
Brianna is such a good baby. She's generally easy to calm down when she gets upset, which is not too often. My sister has been watching her some for me while I'm at work, and says she's amazed at how easy she is.
When we first brought her home, she slept in a Pack 'N Play in our room, but this month we transitioned her to her own room and bed. She's been doing great in there!

When she's ready to go to sleep, we just swaddle her up and lay her in her crib. She will almost always just lay in her crib quietly until she drifts off to sleep. She has a Glow Worm and Glow Seahorse that she loves to watch and listen to, but sometimes we can hear her in there talking to and laughing at them while she goes to sleep. Too funny!She is not quite sleeping through the night yet, which has been a source of frustration for me. She will generally sleep about 5 hours at a time at night, although she will go 7 or 8 hours about once a week. The nice thing is that when she wakes up at night, she will go right back to sleep immediately after I nurse her. It took a lot of hard work to teach her that nighttime was a time for sleeping and not playing! I just wish I knew how to prevent her from waking up. Any ideas? Brianna loves to laugh and coo, and has recently started to do this to people at church. She thinks her daddy is pretty much the funniest guy ever!
She is becoming more and more attached to Mommy. She notices when I leave the room now, and sometimes fusses for me to hold her. It hurts her feelings if she's hungry and Chris picks her up instead of me.
She doesn't mind me dressing her up and putting big bows and flowers on her head. I hope it stays that way *grin*.

We try to do tummy-time every day, but Brianna hates it! She will usually lay on her tummy for about 2 minutes before she starts to fuss. She has not rolled over yet, and seems completely unmotivated to do so. She loves to lay on her back and play on her playmat or look at herself in the mirror.

She has always loved to suck on her fingers (she did this immediately after being born), but until recently couldn't always get them to her mouth. However, she has now discovered her hands and sucks on them all the time!

She also LOVES to stand!

She thinks she is so big!

Something new she has been doing recently is sucking in her bottom lip and chewing on it a bit. I don't know why she does this, but it's pretty cute!

Whenever we go out shopping or on a walk, Brianna is always happy to be along for the ride. She doesn't like her carseat much, but she doesn't mind it if she's riding in the stroller. Even though it's May, some nights are still a little chilly when we're out walking!
Finally, I'll leave you with a video of Brianna. She's becoming less camera-shy and is actually talking a little in this one!


Tracy said...

She is beautiful Chelley!! I love the new pic. I can't believe how fast the time went. I will squeeze her on Wed:))

Angie said...

Happy 3 months to Little B! It seems like just yesterday you told me you were going to have a baby! Love the new layout. The pics on this entry are so GOOD!