Monday, July 26, 2010

Please help me!!!

Okay folks, here's the deal: We had professional photos of Brianna taken when she was 3 months old. Now, I need help choosing what photos to order. Apparently, this is really hard for me... there are several that I really like. Soooo, since you, blogworld, helped me when I needed a name for my baby, I thought I'd call on you again *grin*.

Here are the photos:











Problem one is that I have a frame that holds 3 horizontal photos, and I need to know which 3 I should put in it. I would like the 3 in the frame to look similar... like H, I, and J or A, B, and C. Or, I thought I could combine G, H, and J. What do you think?

Problem two is that I want to enlarge one photo for my living room. I really love A, F, G, and J, but which one should I choose???

Problem three: Which photo should I get for friends/family? For grandparents I'll probably get a 5x7s, for other family 4x6s, and friends will get wallets. Which one (or two) photos should I get for that purpose?

PLEASE HELP ME by leaving your opinion in the comments. You are welcome to leave an anonymous comment if you want... I don't care I just need opinions! If you have never commented before, just click comments, type your vote in the comment box, click anonymous, then publish.

Thanks for helping a girl out!


Lisa said...

D, E, and F for the three horizontal picture frame.

I love G so that's the one I want!!!

Anonymous said...

G is my favorite. You should send that one to friends and family. I would choose one from each outfit for the three in the frame. H would be really cute enlarged for your living room.

asg said...

G is a great picture. I think it should be the one you put in your house and send out to friends and family. That one picture solves two of the three questions.

For the other question of the three horizontal, I would go with C, G, F. I would put them in that order too.

I really love G. Her eyes are so bright!

Tracy said...

G, H, J for collage so it is cohesive.

F for living room since it is purple themed.

Love G for family and friends. Wallents and 5x7's turn out great with black backgrounds.

Krystle OBryan said...

I had such a hard time choosing from Noah's 6 month pics and ended up spending way to much money.. I love E and G!!!!

Angie said...

This is so hard! G is my fave!

Kristen said...

For the horizontal photos:
One of her in each outfit. B, E, and G. Or for similar ones I would say D, E, and F.
For the living room:
For friends and family:
Definitely G!
P.S. I am Tracy Patterson's niece :)

Holley said...

E and G are my faves. I love those because she's smiling:)

Mercedes said...

I absolutely love G!

dimitra said...

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Anonymous said...

I like B,E,F,G,H,and J

Anonymous said...

I love F!

Hearts and Hugs, KB