Friday, August 27, 2010


Some random thoughts for the day:

I have developed a slight obsession with Cheez-It Party Mix (like Chex Mix, only WAAAAAAY better). I was eating it every single day, and finally had to stop buying it altogether. But right now, I'm thinking about it and kind of craving it.I'm really terrible at returning library books on time. I don't know why, but I wish this weren't the case. I love the library and I want to respect it more.Fall is coming on soon. I'm soooooo excited! I LOVE fall! I think I'll break out the Autumn decorations soon!I don't dry the majority of my clothes because I'm always afraid it will shrink or distort them. On laundry day, my house looks like a fine mess with clothes hanging everywhere. Maybe I should think about getting a clothesline outside?
The other day, as I was getting {more than a little} carried away with some project I was doing, I looked at Chris and said, "What is wrong with me? This is getting out of control." He simply replied, "Ummm hello, you're a (maiden name). You go big or go home." I started thinking about this and it really made me laugh. It's so true... we all tend to let little projects grow bigger and bigger and bigger until they are completely over-the-top. Can I get an Amen... Dad, Mom, Jeremy, Shawna, Russ, or Lisa???


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I love the motto of go big or go home! Like you said, things can get away from one.