Saturday, August 28, 2010

Walk Day!

Today, my team of friends and family walked in the 2010 Memory Walk for the Alzheimer's Association. It was a GREAT day for a walk!

I am blown away by the fact that our team of 11 (we grew a lot from last year!) raised $1510.00 for the Alzheimer's Association. Our team goal was $1000.00 and we blew that out of the water! Awesome job, Team Grey Wolf!!! I am so grateful for everyone that participated in and supported my team this year.

Team Grey Wolf included Mark (Chris's Dad), Chuck (my Dad), Jody (my Mom), Ashley, Angie, Amy, Kendall, Brianna, Sharon (Chris's Mom), Chris, Myself, and Brandy.

This is a photo of the Field of Teams. Each sign has a team name on it.

Chris, Brianna, and me in the Field of Teams in front of our team sign (though you can't see it).

Ashley was one of my best student workers when I worked at the University. Her grandmother had early-onset Alzheimer's, so Ashley walked with Team Grey Wolf in honor of her grandmother.

Brianna was one lucky little girl to have both sets of grandparents walking for a great cause today!

The Fab Five all walked for Pappy and Mary (Angie's grandmother who has Alzheimer's).

The weather was just perfect!

The walk was refreshing!

We walked around the campus of a local University. It is a beautiful campus.

Baby B enjoyed riding in her stroller...

... until she decided that she would rather be carried!

Yay! The Finish Line!

I was so proud of my team as we crossed the finish line. Go Team Grey Wolf!!!

The besties and I had to take one last photo after the walk was over. I'm so grateful for my supportive friends!

THANK YOU to everyone who supported the walk today! It was a huge success!!!

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Angie said...

It was such a therapeutic day! Thank you for be a supportive and encouraging friend! YOU ROCK!!!!!